1. SiCK cada

    Synthetic Materials: good or bad?

    I've been trying to figure out what clothes would be best to pack to keep cool when its hot. I've read many articles from multiple different sources (REI, Bustle, and various other hiking and traveling related blogs) about the best clothes to wear for hiking and traveling and such in hot...
  2. Redbeard The Rhymer

    My Latest Journey...

    So my latest journey took me around 600 miles afoot across Southwest Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia. I started out of Knoxville and walked to the Smoky Mountain National Park and proceeded to hike a series of side trails, then decided to hop on the Benton Mackeye Trail...
  3. 2020-02-24 03.42.48 1.jpg

    2020-02-24 03.42.48 1.jpg

  4. 2020-02-24 03.42.52 1.jpg

    2020-02-24 03.42.52 1.jpg

    yesterday wasn't too bad
  5. sgtpickles

    My PCT Thru Hike ExperienceFeatured 

    (INTRO) --- I posted a thread in the trainhopping forum last week and mentioned my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail introducing me to this community of vagabonds, travelers, wanderers, and free spirits. Several hours later I got a response from a fellow member recommending me to...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Instinct and empathy: The challenges female hikers face on the ATNews & Blogs 

    Photo Credit: Cory Tiger INSTINCT AND EMPATHY: THE CHALLENGES FEMALE HIKERS FACE ON THE A.T. CAPPY PHALEN 24 MAY 19 My instinct told me to run. It also told me not to run while the man could still see me. Feigning calm, I walked slowly away from him and out of his sight. The moment I felt sure...
  7. unrulywaunder

    Neo Dharma Bums Climb Matterhorn

    Hey, So I just climbed Mount Matterhorn in the Sierras (California, USA). If you haven't read Jack Kerouac but you hang around stp, you should probably check him out. His most popular book On The Road described the life of a traveling bum of the Beat Generation following WWII. In the 40s &...
  8. EatMoreRoadKIll


    I decided to give this strange/awesome site a chance in hopes of meeting some rad folks while I'm out on the road. I'm passing through Fort Collins CO area until about June, so if your in the area, are cool, and want to hang out hit me up. I've been traveling, squatting, and what not since I was...
  9. thattrombonekyd

    Music, Travel, and living out of a car

    Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and what I'm looking to do. I am Sawyer (thattrombonekyd - instagram) and I hail from Topeka, KS. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have realized that I don't want the normal 9-5 lifestyle anymore ,and all I want to do is make awesome music and travel...
  10. D


    Long time, no post! I've been kicking it at the Slab City Library for a couple months after my crash-landing in Tucson following my exit from three years of commune life. It's been cool to match some real life faces to screen names on this site, and it has been a decent learning experience for...
  11. Benji91

    Mountain ParadisePhotos 

    A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Mt. Glorious with a mate and our furry bud. We've been up there exploring a hell of a lot of times and found some great spots, but this was the best. Our general plan is to find somewhere to park where the scrub isn't too thick and the drop isn't too steep...
  12. beginnavagabond

    Is the Osprey Aether 70 a good backpack?

    I am looking at a backpack that was top rated on Google: Osprey Aether 70. It looks good, it has a frame and promoted airflow with your back. I think it looks good and I wanted to know what you think of it. Thank you! Osprey Aether 70
  13. E

    Advice for Coyote Gulch

    In about 3 months, I leave for a six month road trip tour of the western U.S. and Canada. For the most part, I'm content to drive everywhere and do a little light hiking. But there is one place I'd like to see that will require a little more extensive hiking - Coyote Gulch and the Jacob Hamblin...
  14. G

    My first solo trip to AtlantaVideo 

    As a man with Autism, this is a major achievement for me.
  15. Benji91

    Snakes in the wild

    Just wondering how people deal with snakes in the wild. I've encountered a fair few carpet pythons in the bushland near me, they're big (and scary looking) but fairly easy to handle. Personally, I have a little experience with larger, non-venomous snakes like these - as well as cute little...
  16. S

    Hello world.

    Hello world.
  17. Max Arman

    U.S. West Coast -- Hike, freight-hopping, hitchhiking

    Will be in San Francisco from the 17th and intend to travel anywhere and everywhere in the space of two months (initially along the W/C, further south or north) and meet people. Anyone in the area want to travel together? Starting in San Francisco then hitchhiking to S. Cruz -- will probably...
  18. K

    Geraldine Margay, Wife, Mother, Appalachian trail hiker

    She was also a nurse. I did not know her but I'm posting this as I know there are people here who use AT. Take care in your travels wherever you may be. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/27/us/mising-hiker-geraldine-largay-appalachian-trail-maine.html?_r=0 Geraldine Largay’s Wrong Turn: Death...
  19. Maximus

    Sold Everything and Traveled for a Bit

    Hey folks, long time no see. It's almost been a year since I was last active on StP and I deeply regret that mistake, as the stories and people that come through here are the realest I've ever seen them. Anyway, back in October of 2015 my GF of two years left me and it really fucked me up. We...
  20. Brother X

    This Is Our Country. Let’s Walk It.News & Blogs 

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/24/opinion/sunday/this-is-our-country-lets-walk-it.html A COUPLE of years ago, I trespassed across America. I’d set out to hike the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline, which had been planned to stretch over a thousand miles over the Great Plains, from...

    new here, greenie

    hello, i just made this account and i guess i'll try and give a little description of where i am in life and stuff, maybe connect with some of you people. my name is phillip alaska vance. i am 19 years of age, i graduated high school in 2015. i rode my bicycle 5,000 miles coast to coast across...