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    hey, saw on a post you used to live in the U.K, personally in england myself; just wonderinf if you knew how good the squat (i hear its fairly thriving) and the travelling scenes are? thanks for reading a probabl y stupid question!
    Hey Ziggy
    How ya been? I managed to get to Woodland 15 days ahead of national. Became sick and left before reaching the area. back in Louisiana
    Hiya, I've seen a lot of your posts, and you seem to be very familiar with the socal to north area. Im planning on trying to hitch from the thousand oaks/ventura county area to santa cruz soon. I've never hitched out of anywhere before, and i was wondering if you have any noobie tips, or specific area related info you could share with me. Im starting this game late but its high time i learned how.
    Did I ever say Hi back? idk lol What's up :] Always happy to make a new friend
    Right on, that's a good ride! I decided not to make the mad dash cross-country for Rainbow, but I'm coming back out west in a couple of weeks. If I find myself round Ukiah could I stop by to see you and your birds? :)
    Hey chicken lady! :) How long are you going to be at Rainbow? If I can, I'm gonna be out there in the next few weeks and I would love to meet you. I'm also a chicken fanatic and I always enjoy your thoughtful posts and road experience here on STP.
    hey i've spent a lot of time near you. i'm sure we've crossed paths; w/in the last 7 yrs or so. many blessings mama
    Hi! you seem to share alot of my interests and things id like to learn more about. Hope you dont mind if i add you as a friend!
    I'm pregnant and housed Chattanooga, Tn. Trying to use to much spare time, on truther wars. I'd like to be heading towards the beach with baby daddy. Where are you located/traveling to? You seem like a cool chicka. Glad your on my friends list.
    Hiya Liggy, haha I noticed in your about me that "Pretty much if I can dance to it I love it." Can you groove to this? [video=youtube;sYi7uEvEEmk][/video] (:
    I absolutely love this song. You said also that you like "conscious rap" ever listen to A Tribe Called Quest? I think you'd like 'em.
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