1. roughdraft

    Photos Public Art: various locales in Chile & a few from Buenos Aires

    sup yall? just wanted to share some of the photos i took of graffiti and other public art in the urban areas from my first trip to Chile and Argentina - if you are curious about what street art down that way looks like, you have come to the right place ::photogenic:: these were from the...
  2. Untitled


    Today's sketch, Victorian/Goth girl with face tattoos
  3. ZombieJack

    Quick Lineart of My OC

    My OC Tai. The arms turned out bad, I did this one really quick just to have an updated design for them. I wanna do like a comic about them and their friends.
  4. 648298C9-F0A9-4A1C-8441-93C5EECF49B4.jpeg


    Medusa WIP
  5. PrisMiQue

    Photos Medusa WIP

    Been a minute since I’ve drawn/painted due to medical reasons, but now that that’s handled I’m getting back into it. Sharing if anyone’s cares... if not fuggit.
  6. PrisMiQue

    Photos Surrealism Painting

    She flourished through the tears of her sorrows & thrived in the light of her dreams. sidenote: I Literally have been fucking slacking on my artwork... fml seriously need to discipline my ass!
  7. justanotherperson

    Video Awesome new documentery " I Am Another You"

    There is this pretty damn good doc about this street kid with an enigmatic personality (Dylan). Filmed by a Chinese immigrant chick (her name is Nanfu which i am slightly jealous of) who lives the homeless lifestyle in order to film the realities of the life. She follows his struggles and...
  8. Y

    Solo Cross Country Canada from NL to BC -need a buddy

    Bdjaiwv iaowld ahiwoky agwotpmavoa ::playful::
  9. Deismona

    New Orleans in March

    Thinking of going down to New Orleans for a week or two sometime in March, would love to meet people who’d be into making some art/music, exploring some spaces and maybe even showing me around a bit. I have only visited New Orleans once and was not staying in my vehicle then so I’m looking to...
  10. R

    Publication Thread

    I've been in a bit of a writing slump lately, but have these drafts I've been sitting on for months instead of putting them out into the world. Used to be getting little things published all over the place, but my desire for it fell by the wayside in my travels. Yesterday, I finally got out of a...
  11. epiphany

    What art supplies do you travel with?

    I enjoy using multiple mediums like clay, acrylics, charcoal, but its hard to travel with a lot of different supplies, so I'm wondering what do you travel with? I myself carry some pencils, ink, watercolors, and a sketchbook. I also have recently started digital drawings on my pocket gizmo.
  12. CoNiGMa

    Photos My Portfolio

    Check out my artwork. I make websites, draw, do 3D models, woodburning, make forum signatures, banners, jewelry, coloring, etc...
  13. crow

    Photos show us yer patch pants

    For lack of a better term, I call them patch pants. This is my fourth pair so they're not all broke in yet. They have a tendency to "disappear" Be that as it may, I love to see how other people attach the world to themselves! So show me gets n I'll show you mine :p Notice I've stitched in a...
  14. PrisMiQue

    What's with me and pinups

    Guess I kinda have a thing for drawing sexy pinups. I'm not gay or anything but maybe this makes me a lil lol jk just like drawing pretty gals I guess
  15. A

    How to Make Natural Charcoal for Art

    OK so I'm working on ways to make art free or cheap and I saw this video on how to make your own charcoal. It the same as making charcloth pretty much. It seems that willow and apple are the best woods. I'm going to try crabapple when things cool off. I've used oak to moderate success but it...
  16. ElderGreen9

    Indie filmmaker looking for actors and info about road life

    Hey all, I'm an indie filmmaker making a love story between two young men set in the world of homeless travelers. Back in college, all of my friends (and some lovers ;)) were travelers. I never lead that lifestyle myself but I was close to that world and as a filmmaker, it's always something...
  17. A

    Street art Cities that are Traveler Friendly

    I'm getting ready to take my arts to the streets and I was wondering if any of you knew some cities that are both friendly to travellers and appreciative of having art pasted to their walls. I have to Conquer KC (which surprisingly has a very strong street art scene) first, but I might like to...
  18. VanScribed Goat

    Moving up or changing plans? Sell me your van!

    I'm not sure if this is allowed...couldn't find a rule on "asking for tips on finding a van" ;D I'm in Texas and not having much luck acquiring my new home on wheels. I'd love something converted already with a 6 cylinder engine (or that pretty 5 in a Eurovan if I get lucky price wise). I'd...
  19. Veronica Mihai

    Hero for Hire

    Hello everyone, I am planning on getting involved as a volunteer into a humanitarian project aimed at helping homeless street performers make a living out of their art. Any suggestion on how to best approach this ? Any of you street performers ? I'd love to get some insights from you. So please...
  20. CaptainMidnight

    Hello! Sorta new to the road...

    Hi! I'm chris I am sort of new to travelling..I signed up on here not too long ago while I was housed up in san diego. I abandoned my profile because I ended up getting homesick and tried to set roots here in my native detro so i could be close to family. Things didnt go so well here, so i am...