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Oct 25, 2006
New Orleans
im in Austin right now trying to figure out whether or not to hitch to houston and hop to nola or hitch the whole way to nola from austin,anyone do anything similar to this or ever hitch in texas,i kinda wanna know what im up agianst here,i aquired a dog now so its just me him and my rat.Any tips?
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Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
honestly, ive never heard a single good thing about hitching in texas. ive always heard it's a sore-thumb state. ive never done it though. wish i could give you some info on hopping to nola, but i don't have it accessible right now.

if anyone helps out with this, please remember that posting hop out spot specifics is against the rules of the board. general info is cool, but if you wanna post specifics about where to hop, please send a message to the person requesting it with the "PM" icon below their name/image.


I deleted myself
Everything I've heard about Texas is that it sucks - Train and Thumb. I'm sorry dude - yeah I wouldn't do it again but at least you got out of there. Ew.


Aug 11, 2007
santa cruz
hitch to san antonio and hop the sunset there.and yeah fuck a bunch of texas times like a million. worst ever.


Sep 15, 2006
it's really not that bad, i've had to do it several times. but hopping trains in texas does suck a lot of times cos the traffic on most lines are backed up a lot. i even talked to a conductor and he was complaining about how he'd have to wait for hours and hours.

i heard there's actually a bus that's really cheap from austin->houston. i forget the name of the company tho. if i find out what it is i'll let you know. everyone talks negative shit about texas.
there's some good things about it just like anywhere else. they got veg heaven! :)

make it happen when yer there instead of just saying how it sucks, so whatever.
fuckin' try and change things around you instead of spending all your money and drinking
under bridges being a scumbag. punks don't always have to hang out with punks, shit.

oh yeah and hitchin' to the areas that you want to go to aren't very hard.
plus you have a dog which will help you out. i'd try and hop out of houston to
nola when you get there. i hitched it from houston-nola after katrina and it was easy
and that's when i didn't have a dog.theres some cool kids in houston as well.

good luck to anyone that might be doing this.

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I deleted myself
I personally wouldn't wanna hitch in TX. I avoid that place like a good habit.


Professional Hobo
Jan 15, 2009
Rolling, empty boxcars to Sioux Falls, South Dakot
Gosh ArrowInOre! I graduated high school in Port Arthur! Vidor was a town all its own eh?! lol!
I bet, if your avatar is really you, then of course everyone is nice, lol....(them thar hicks LUVVVV them a young purty girl, lol) I had added a post in here a while back and then remembered that Orange Texas was a freaky ass town to us. The sheriff insisted that he drive us to the best camp spots and even gave us money for food, then scared the shit out of us telling about a torso they found up the road a bit...I lovingly call Orange, Stephen King Fun LAnd...
Jan 28, 2008
The woods
My only experience with texas involved having a shotgun shoved in my face by a drunk redneck who demanded that I declare my love for jesus or go to hell (it was good friday, which I guess is kinda a big deal down there). I've only heard one person say good things about texas and he made it across in two rides, both buses full of christians.


Jan 1, 2010
My only experience with texas involved having a shotgun shoved in my face by a drunk redneck who demanded that I declare my love for jesus or go to hell (it was good friday, which I guess is kinda a big deal down there). I've only heard one person say good things about texas and he made it across in two rides, both buses full of christians.

I actually think a guy sticking a shotgun in your face for jesus effin hilarious. you don't think ppl in tx know what you think of them and play on that? NO, good friday isn't a big deal it tx. No texas ain't a cakewalk; unlike the NW you've got to earn your miles.


I deleted myself
I've hitched through Texas twice, and I would say that the main difference for me, was that the cops hassled me less there than in other states. I did walk a lot, but I don't know that I walked more there than in any other state I've been to.
Peace and Love,

Radar Lockey

Dec 3, 2009
Fort Collins, CO
After a few weeks in Texas I started referring to Texas as the state Traveling kids go to die.

Lol. You can get pretty much anything in Texas. Except a ride. I mean, yeah there are some really awesome people there and such. But pretty much hitching is a bitch.

I as well got mad kickdowns.... I was at a truck stop on I-20 and Highway 69 in Lindale for about a week or so. Good people.


Aug 2, 2009
between here and there
except for laredo and some of the smaller border towns, I've never had major problems in texas. never really needed to hitch there cause you can ride freight everywhere, easily. like somebody earlier said, you have to earn your miles in texas and i like that, it's not like the northwest full of 90 milers. (except for austin, the pdx of the south).

sweet potatoe

Feb 16, 2009
im also in austin right now, during this sxsw thing, if your here too, during this time, iwould definetly check rideshares on craigslist since theres so many p[eople, im headed th same way, and im pretty sure its not too hard to hop out of here, ican show you were if i run into you on 6th street. but yeah, if not, i hitched from dallas down here and it actually went really well. i dont usually like hitching at all, but people are pretty hopsitable with it round here, good luck, if you find me on 6th street, the names colin, and ill probably have a big brindle german shpherd/ pit with me

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