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  • Shoe! Where you been?!? How the hell are ya?
    Nice photo - softer than your others I've seen, but... it's beautiful, really.
    Ha ha ha! (You're the first one to notice me as Kevin Bacon head)!
    Everyone tells me that I look like him, so I thought I would see how long I could post this photo without anyone noticing it "was" Kevin Bacon! lol!
    Wow!, seems like you're looking like a younger (~30) Kevin Bacon these days.
    Getting back to railriding will do that for us, huh?
    I saw your tag in Proviso/ G2! I like that spot, went west from there about a month ago.
    Nice pic! Looks like ur contemplating the 15th piston back on the O series diesel electcromotive! Fucking call already!
    hey you ever hear of Bill Bryson's " a short history of nearly everything" ? im reading it now, and it's completely mind blowing. i think you'd like it a lot
    Bolt just heard on the news that Dr's are finding that Chemo patients are ending up with better quality skin as a beneficial side effect...
    Yeah, I have been kinda worried about you..!!!! I'm glad your feelin' a lil better. Wade called me the other day asking about you. I told him I hadn't heard from you. Anyway enjoy your candy love...Crystal
    You know I was drinking my coffee this morning, wondering what Show was doing...Wondering if you were having coffee too. Just checking in on ya.. How are ya??
    Have you heard that local honey can work to build immunity against allergies to local pollen? If there are any bees in the Dakotas!
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