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    hey you hit me up got a car know 530 368 3096 i want to meet up or if you have a number pass it my way
    hey man hows it going im in new paltz new york chillin curly says what up that carma look amazing and thank you for taking such good care of her and loven her hes got a new pup and wants them to have a road play date but anywhoo im heading back west in a week or two im gunna have a car we should meet up all drive to where ur at but i got to go time to drink a beer love you man safe travels and the auzis say hello dirty boy
    COLIN WHERE ARE YOU? your phone has been off fer days. im headin east soon, i miss yer face TURN YOUR PHONE ON!
    i miss you and carmalita soo much.
    i start workin this week, hopefully.
    me n patches might head over to montana fer a minutes, just so i can pick up me lady cause i miss her.
    if you were here on my birthday, i would be soooo happy. so, uh, do that or else. i am having a white trash wedding themed party it shall be GLORIOUS.

    miss yer face, love ya
    its the maxx you love and miss and loves you and misses you! im heading down to cali mid june! meet up with me!!!

    charge your damn phone, crapbasket.
    im leavin the burg tonight or tomorow morning, depends on if mark is gunna gimme a ride oer the pass or not. either way, TALKAGE NOW.

    I'm in Washington. photographing graffiti and stuff. that's cool that you're traveling with midget.
    where are y'all?
    Sorry it took so long to respond, I haven't logged on in forever.

    Well we'd love to see you in the summer sometime or whenever you're around. And no, I haven't met D...
    How're things? What've you been up to?
    Haha I couldn't find your comment button to reply so I'm responding on this. Anyway, that'd be cool! Haha I'd be so down. I don't really know what I want yet, but certainly nothing like... very detailed at all.. haha. Where're you at and when're you comin' back?

    I haven't checked the firehouse dumpster in a while. I have a couple times but I'm rarely around that place enough to hit the good days, ya know? That day was so nice though, we found a ton.. so many pastries and goodies that we shoved in our backpacks and then we headed down to the park and just mowed on it all, haha. And what is "k tub"?
    ahoy colin, hows it going, havent heard from you in a while, what have you been up to? ive been in the mid west now im hanging around the east coast for a bit...... alright take it easy ... shake it sleezy...see you down the road.. safe travels
    what up buddy we need to hange out where you heading in apiral
    what the fucks up homie....im in florida right now...im gonna check out the hippie gathering and see if i cant score some free acid...are you still in auburn
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