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  • i totally missed you when i was in Asheville, I didn't really have a computer and I didn't save your number cuz im a fool.

    i think i'll be back in june though....
    long time no see, i hope all is well with you. i hope to see you sometime this year, ive been in charleston for a lifetime.
    Were you in asheville recently? In a big van? If so I think you jumped my partners car.
    oh shit sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
    yea that was my banj, and yea i know lice. thanks fer holdin that man, ill get ya a beer someday.
    I got charged with "conspiring to incite riot." I don't know if I have any witnesses and yeah. Where are you located these days?
    Hey, do you happen to have Ana's contact info, the one who got arrested at Alley Katz? If you could send that to me (Tapes probably has that info as well) that would help me out a lot. Ana may be able to help me out with this whole case. I got charged with a bullshit felony.
    Nice avatar, is that a JB Hunt you're lookin' at?
    And where was this fine ride taking you, from where (if you don't mind my asking)?
    i was in charlotte wednesday and thursday but my phone was out of minutes so i couldn't call. where are you now? gimme a call sometime if you've still got my number. ill be around til the 14th
    i lost your number, but i'm gonna be in the sc/nc area in a few days! pm it to me?
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