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  • so I recently found your pics of your place and it looks sweet. hope too see u at subrosa sometime?
    so i don't know if I sent you a pm or not but was wondering if your still in santa cruz or not, I feel stuck and wondering if you'd like to meet up sometime I need some help on how to get to sacto, I know I could hitch but that's ALL i ever do and I'm tired. so if you do then pm me, okay..
    Yeah totally! Gonna be some wild kids in the not too distant future if humans can make it through collapse without killing ourselves off...
    whered you get the artwork for your avatar thing? it looks a lot like my partner's work. eerie.
    maus whats up dude, yep i finally got out my friend had to pay $10,000 dollars thoug
    but im somewhat free now, where u at man
    thanks, man. Those photos in philly made me itch to get there faster. I gotta get outta this town.. its sucking me dry. :[ whereabouts are you curently?
    dont think weve ever met, but since your out in s.cruz.. a friend of mine satan or sam should be going back and forth from there and austin.. usually hops rail. if you run across him give him a good word from bogus.

    safe travels.
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