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I deleted myself
Hi, my names Sophie im a 31 years old transgender woman (mtf) who recently traveled from Las Vegas NV to Oregon in a van over the course of a year. Now I'm in Salem Oregon and yes out of the van it was kinda weird to be driving all the time and having to drive immediately after waking. I began to not like it anymore, but it may have to be an option I go to again.

It was quite an adventure. And it led to me finding the support I needed to come out as transgender, which saved my life in ways which are hard to describe succinctly. Ive heard about the violence in the streets while I was in Portland and I wanna help keep my queer brothers and sisters safe. Im considering using the van on my own to live in so I can be closer to the queer community im kinda feeling isolated and ya would love to see what kind of expereicne I would have traveling now that I am living transfeminine full time

Im not sure but I may have to separate from my long term partner, I'm not sure our relationship will survive my transition. Or maybe I'd just like to take a long term break somehow and see if I can get my shit together better on my own now that I'm out, because I wasnt good for much as a boy. I'm still unemployed but at least my hormone replacement is making me feel better so I can stop smoking so much weed.

So in case that happens I may need to find help getting around - or just be totally craving a new social circle and life with new people which is definitey the case at the moment. I just started my transition but I've always had gender dysphoria, very interested in getting to know any trans ppl that may be here <3 I really want to quit cigarettes and weed before my first year of hormones is complete.

Anyways I really hope you are all doing well and as safe, warm, and happy as you can be!
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Feb 2, 2019
Fucking about, Australia
Welcome to STP! Your Year in a Van sounds amazingly interesting, have any stories to share? I believe we have a great and proud LGBQT+ Community here. Good luck on quitting smoking and drugs! See you around the forum!


Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Cool intro and welcome to STP. We are a diverse community and welcome all. Look forward to hear how you go forward with you travels. :)
Nov 4, 2018
From one trans girl to another:
Fuck yes
Go you
You’ve got this

Welcome to StP!! The folks here are generally fantastic and supportive, and it’s awesome that you’re here!
Idk what the queer community is like in Salem, but you’re close enough to Olympia and Portland that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue finding friends in the community out there, and even through here.

If I could, It sounds like you need some space from your partner regardless, and I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to remove yourself from that while figuring out and processing your transition. Shits hard, but we’ve got your back, and you’re super got this yourself <3


I deleted myself
WOW thanks for all your warm heartfelt supportive responses!

Update: we broke up. We moved in with a lying straight cis male white prick who sexually harassed us both and when I asked him to stop he made personal attacks towards me which my partner would allow. I don’t want to pour details into this post, all I know is I was hurt really bad by both my ex and her roommate and now I’m stayin in my van with all my stuff.

I’m laying in the back of it now with tears drying on my cheeks. The way things have been happening lately are telling me I don’t belong in Oregon. I’ve been watching the whole worlds elite movingto California while growing up and failing to get myself established there, and it’s the same in Oregon.

According to a certain trans related organization I’m in contact with there is actually more lgbt support outside of ORegon, not just California but even Illinois Mississippi states in that’s region. I don’t want to Be somewhere that has legal recreational marijuana anymore, I just want trans care because my hormone replacement is making me feel better personally than ever before. My ex needs marijuana to prevent seizures, I don’t need it I need to have a community.

I feel as if the whole west coast is becoming a playground for the elite and it makes me sick. I’m not waking up in the morning thinking “oh boy I’m in Oregon I’m on the west coast!!!!” I might feel that in Portland but not Salem, and even still Portland has a somewhat elite snootiness about it. I’m definitely jaded about the pacific coast coast despite what I have enjoyed here and coming out here.

I have no friends or family anywhere, the only person I really know in Oregon is my ex. I need to find my friends and my chosen family. My partner hurt me so bad it is difficult to be around her. The elite partied-out vibe of the west coast doesn’t not appeal to me I don’t want to be homeless and aloneness through my transition.

Againt thanks for your kind responses!! 🙂. No matter what I will find where I belong and make the best of myself and that situation.


I deleted myself
Yes i have stories to share

I’m fact I still have a journal that captures time off the road leading up to getting this van, traveling to SoCAL then northwards all the way to Portland, and off the road again

I’m will be eventually writing a book and start a YouTube channel

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