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Searched but have not seen this on STP. I also do have an update with an uncomfirmed pic of the traveler below.

(From Facebook OP) - He has been identified as ZACK GRAHM AKA WILDCAT RIP

Man found dead atop moving train in Hart County

UPDATE: KSP confirms that the deceased man was struck by a power line that was hanging over the railroad tracks near Park City. The injuries from that are attributed to his death.
bonnieville-train-body-2-jpg.46168_Zack Grahm aka WildCat RIP - Man found dead atop moving train_Obituaries_Squat the Planet_8:09 PM

The train was not able to come to a stop until Bonnieville.
A northbound train came to a stop in Hart County after the conductor was notified there was a deceased man on top of the locomotive.
Kentucky State Police confirmed that a 28-year-old male was struck in the head while standing on top of a moving CSX train somewhere near Bonnieville.
Police are not releasing the man’s name until the next of kin are notified.
KSP says three homeless people had illegally jumped on a train near Nashville, Tennessee on Monday to travel north. The deceased was one of those three homeless individuals.
The investigation is ongoing to determine how exactly the incident occurred.
No charges have been filed on any persons at this time.
bonnieville-train-body-jpg.46169_Zack Grahm aka WildCat RIP - Man found dead atop moving train_Obituaries_Squat the Planet_8:09 PM

1539140878154-png.46167_Zack Grahm aka WildCat RIP - Man found dead atop moving train_Obituaries_Squat the Planet_8:09 PM


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You can get on top of grainers, but never stay on top of them too long. Any of them can rock heavily due to uneven tracks and force you off balance. Back when I rode a local to Waycross, I know the grainers I was on was rocking, so I stayed right where I was and never climbed to the top.
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