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  • Hopping out of Colton tomorrow, heading up to WA for the rainbow gathering... anyone going?
    Is it that bad?? Don't have anything else to do... could go east i guess lol. sorta want to check it out tho
    If you go southeast towards Atlanta in the next month or so, drop me a message. The Mountain area the rainbow gathering stayed in took weeks to clean up. It was one of my favorite free camping spots right next to the river. There was literal shit everywhere, oddly enough barely any toilet paper lol
    shred till yer dead
    shred till yer dead
    I did 6 days of cleanup it was bull shit sooooooooooooooo much trash
    The first person to fall head over heels in love with me was a middle aged tweaker on the Greyhound. That look in his eyes was intense, dude could barely keep his hands off my dirty bum ass. Compliment...?
    Is it gonna be a (bluish-)white wedding?
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    Oh man, of course it is. He also insisted we have the deluxe ice sculptures, for some reason.
    smokin some weed n the desert, resting off this cold. hear some mooing in the distance, does anyone kno if cows like bowling out with travel kids? Thanks
    Forget cow-tipping; send the cows TRIPPING!
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