1. japanarchist

    Squatter movie night in Portland Or.Event 

    Hey folks, if you're in Pdx come out for a movie night! Some buddies are having a benefit event and I'm helping boost this. Come out to Pennsula park on 9/11 to watch some cool squatUmentaries, meet other squattas & anarchos and have some fun! Here's more info on it:
  2. 20210611_192943.jpg


    The beautiful city of Portland.
  3. LocalWeirdo

    Portland to California travel advice ?

    Female travelling alone considering freight hopping. Looking for some genereal advice or tips ( i'm from the UK so i'm not super familiar with things here yet )
  4. Honey Crust

    If you’re queer either get out or steer clear of Portland right nowNews & Blogs 

    Copy/pasted. Re-post [CW: violence, death, queerphobia] "What's going on in Portland: Portland Police have been exchanging chatty and collusive texts with extremist right wing activist Joey Gibson, whose Patriot Prayer rallies attract white supremacists and function as an excuse for his gang...
  5. keystone

    traveling the west coast, hitching Washington, Oregon and Cali

    any advice, tips, possible meetups for traveling this time of year? heading south, I'm a 22 year old newbie. -thanks, peace and love
  6. FreeCheetos

    Homeless/rubbertramping in Portland, Oregon

    Hey Ya'll! First off. I'm so glad this website exists. Thank you so much to those who put it together and keep it running. This was an awesome resource for my partner and I two years ago when we hitchhiked and walked the Appalachian trail for a bit, now we're going to be hitting the road again...
  7. japanarchist

    Trying to start a reading group in Portland Or for those around

    Hey y'all. I'm getting back into the habit of reading more often and I'd love to read and converse with like minded peeps, so why not start a reading group! If anyone is around pdx I'm down to figure out a day to meet up to read & chat. I'm into a variety of different subjects but currently my...
  8. beginnavagabond

    Hitching from Laramie to Portland

    I plan on going about this way in June and I was wondering if this would be doable for a first time hitchhiker. I would plan on stopping in SLC, and Boise before going to Portland. I've also heard the legal status of hitchhiking isn't good especially in Boise. What did you experience? Thanks!
  9. S

    Headed to the Pacific Northwest

    I'm planning on going this winter. Portland, Seattle, Olympia, maybe even Vancouver, BC. ~ What are some good youth drop in resources? I need someplace LGBT friendly, that doesn't require ID, and which doesn't feel like fucking juvenile hall; someplace like Safe Place for Youth in Los Angeles...
  10. beginnavagabond

    Tips on Boulder to Portland

    I want to get to Portland and I am in Boulder right now and I was thinking going to Cheyenne and hitch on I-80 W. Is there a better way to get there? Have you done this route before? Let me know and thanks!
  11. MoHank

    Denver-Portland-Sacramento-Las Vegas

    College age guy leaving on hitchhiking trip in a few weeks. Route is Denver-Portland, Portland-Sacramento (via 101) then Sacramento-Las Vegas. First timer here! Who's got tips? Spots along that route I need to hit? How long will this probably take? Anyone been to Bitterroot National Forest...
  12. mariahmadness


    Please keep an eye out if you're anywhere near the area!! Spread this around too if ya can!! Thanks!!
  13. cyberjock

    From NW to Detroit and back again

    25yr old from Suwannee, FL. Been living around and about for awhile now. Spent the last 6yrs based out in Detroit, but was staying out this way in the Cascadian region before that. I don't travel anymore, but still help out fam te best I can when, and where I see em. I'm posted up in Portland...
  14. Riliya

    Queer or punk squats/coops/communes

    Anyone know of good queer punk squats, coops or communes in Cambridge ma, Boston ma, NYC, Portland or, or new orleans?