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  1. Wistfulpenguin

    Spots to be left alone in Portland Oregon

    Me and my husband have been camping around Portland Oregon for nearly a month now. They're starting to get aggressive with the sweeps and we're looking for somewhere with a moderate amount of privacy that people will respect our site. The spot we're staying in now is full of silica sand so tips...
  2. TheUndeadPhoenix

    Question Request for info: Bumfeeds and more in Boston Massachusetts and Portland Maine

    I'm tired of NYC and I'm going to visit the above cities, anybody got tips for them? I've never been to either one and I'm interested in seeing some off the path places as well. Here's a list of questions I have about them: Where are the best bumfeeds? Where do most of the travelers hang out...
  3. CrustLordFriday

    Seeking Couch Moving back home to Portland Or.

    So I was born and raised in Portland OR. And it used to be pretty alright, but it's been about 10 years since I lived there, is the anarchist scene out there thriving? If so where? I could use an update if anyone has input.
  4. superphoenix

    Looking for squats or v cheap rent for 2022/23 (Portland, Bay Area, Austin, NOLA)

    Ok y'all, I'm putting some feelers out on his early. I have this romantic Kerouac-esque plan to hitch across the country this spring, then set up home base in 4 cities I very much enjoy for a season each to experience something other than Brooklyn, where I've lived my whole life. Portland...
  5. D

    Advice on PDX to Tucson?

    Ppl say 101 is easy way south, so if I can get to the coast that should get me south, but when to go east? I-10 goes right thru Tucson but I think taking 101 to I-10 would mean hitching out of LA and I hear ppl say LA is like a vortex that traps people in and that sounds bad lol. What do u...
  6. japanarchist

    Squatter movie night in Portland Or.

    Hey folks, if you're in Pdx come out for a movie night! Some buddies are having a benefit event and I'm helping boost this. Come out to Pennsula park on 9/11 to watch some cool squatUmentaries, meet other squattas & anarchos and have some fun! Here's more info on it:
  7. A zed

    Question Bike route from Cleveland to Portland

    Tomorrow I'll be heading out on my bike leaving from about the Cleveland area hoping to make it to Portland by October 9th for the anarchist bookfair there. I'm fairly confident, though still not 100 percent set, I'm gonna try and catch a ferry up in Michigan across lake mich, instead of going...
  8. zofie zundown

    seeking radical queer community in PDX

    Hi yall Ive been chronically house-less and went hitchhiking before also was in van life up until a couple months before the covid pandemic. my ex and i housed up together before covid and now we are broken up, we were together for 9 years and house-less off and on through most of it. we helped...
  9. TurboArmatron

    Portland Oregon Houseless Collective

    Collective of anarchist houseless people in Portland. Anyone there or passing through contact [email protected] for mutual aid with whatever you are needing that we can provide. We also have a safe communal campsite and kitchen/barroom. Follow us on Twitter @PDXHRC.
  10. TurboArmatron

    It's raining in Portland

    I'm Jack, I'm from NOLA UPT originally but due to some legal issues i can never go there again. I'm mostly retired from traveling for now. I hop down to k falls once in awhile to visit this girl but other then that I'm just kicking it in Portland. I live downtown, if anyone comes through and...
  11. Bigverbs

    Cleveland heading west to portland

    Looking to head west back to portland whos down
  12. Shadownick

    Anyone in Portland wanna kick it?

    Just wondering if anyone in Portland is down to kick it. Show me around, hang out, get together and do something... Hit me up. I'm 30 year male
  13. PeaceAndLove

    Rv parking in or around portland

    Hi, I'm looking for a place I can park my rv in Portland or around there. Does anyone have any advice or even a place?? Tired of getting ran out of every neighborhood I park for a minute in by either cops or concerned citizens.
  14. Breck

    Portland advice needed

    I need some advice on Portland. Specifically pros and cons. Thinking about moving out of the beautiful rustbelt. Questions i have... Does rent get cheaper farther from downtown? How are they about hiring people from other states? Anyone know how long it takes to get residency? Places to go see...
  15. TheTimeEnder

    time ender from portland, oregon - crazy person you should avoid

    Hello there, all! Merry Christmas! I will be 21 in 2 days... :) Would love to set off on foot/train/etc wherever the journey goes! I have a 80L backpack that I carry around. I am currently in Portland!!! I akso own Chill, intuitive, stonerrrr, loves animals, have my head on somewhat...
  16. D

    Greetings from Portland, Orygun

    48, Male. Caucasian. Not married, no kids. Employed p.t. P.T.S.D. Desert Storm I hate haters. I'm a hypocrite already. Humans are the most successful virus ever created. I've tried coexistence with the normies repeatedly over approximately 38 of the last 48 years and failed every attempt. I've...
  17. Clem

    Portland to NYC: to Chi or not to Chi

    I want to try riding from pdx to NYC but I'm still pretty green. I have only ridden 3 junk trains from Roseville -> Klamath Falls -> Eugene -> Portland. I don't have an in person mentor to ride with (anymore, I did for the first couple rides) but I have 3-4 experienced rider friends I can ask...
  18. D

    Owen Klinger of PDX, MISSING.

    PASSING THIS ON: "So this kid Owen Klinger went missing in Portland, turns out he is my mom's friend's son. Missing 10 days now. He had never ridden, and I am not sure if he knew anything about riding so far as CCs, what trains go where, etc, but it looks to me from some basic analysis of...
  19. LocalWeirdo

    Portland to California travel advice ?

    Female travelling alone considering freight hopping. Looking for some genereal advice or tips ( i'm from the UK so i'm not super familiar with things here yet )
  20. youngbuckwithapickuptruck

    i fell in love with a girl from new meixco who stayed in portland a lot

    bethany / beatrice .. shed be like mid 20's right now she was cute outspoken brunette wild card who was in love with riding a bike around. she rode in heels. four years ago we had an intense every-minute-together one month fling that ended abruptly maybe shed want to see me again, maybe she...