Anyone in PDX want to squat a house with me? (1 Viewer)



I deleted myself
I have comrades who've been squatting or scoping out houses and nobody's invited me. I've always idealized the squatterpunk lifestyle, winter's coming, and I hear PDX has chill squatting laws. I don't want to do it alone because I've never done it before and I'm a fuck up, and I don't want to be alone in a shady area. And I'm just lonely in general.
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Nov 15, 2009
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I dont know about portland being any more relaxed about someone squatting a building. Portland just sucks unless you have a good reaaon to stick around why not beat it? Ive always said i can be broke and miserable anywhere so why stick around somewhere im not enjoying..same goes for being lonely and can do that literally anywhere and probably make some new pals. What do i just some dummy full of kking cobra and doritos.


I deleted myself
Do you have anyone around here that can vouch for you? So far, you're not really talking yourself up, as a squatmate.
I know at least one person who's active here who can possibly vouch for me, but I don't want to ping them and put them on the spot in public (also security culture). Should I DM you or are you just asking generally?


Feb 11, 2018
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Seaside, Oregon
I wouldn't say Portland is as lenient as it once was about squatting. This town is blown up and has been for awhile. The city has been trying to crack down on, "zombie homes" for a couple of years. If you couple that with the winter weather and resources that are already spread thin here, I would say find a warmer spot to hunker down or a smaller city that doesn't have the traffic of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles... Tacoma, especially the south side is empty and not a "fashionable" place to live and therefore might have a lot of good spots. I know Aberdeen does, but the resources and weather are garbage.

My real question is though, it seems like all your posts on stp are asking for advice. Which is cool, but why don't you just go do it? Find a place, scope it out, get in and fortify your little castle while you find like minded souls.


Jan 8, 2018
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Squatting in PDX right now. I know Rachel. They're cool and can attest to that

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