seeking radical queer community in PDX

zofie zundown

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Jun 14, 2021
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Portland, OR
Hi yall
Ive been chronically house-less and went hitchhiking before also was in van life up until a couple months before the covid pandemic. my ex and i housed up together before covid and now we are broken up, we were together for 9 years and house-less off and on through most of it. we helped each other come a long way as individuals now its time for us to split up for good. I really need some people in my life so i dont have to feel like i need to go crawling back to my ex, i grew up as an only child then mostly homeless i am a feral trans woman in heat

im open to anything now. im glad i dont have the van anymore i couldnt afford that shit. ive been through so much with Portland that im kind of interested in networking around here and making this place my home. i came out here that's something growing up in california couldn't even do for me. ive been packing to go right to the streets in the city for days. its been tearing me up inside, i just want to run into the arms of a strong tall hairy smelly man who could definitely kick my dad's ass. when i would have sex with cis women i would never be able to fall asleep cuddling - but with men its totally different and it took me all these yearsin the pandemic bringing strangers to where i live for sex and drugs then i finally figured that out. i need to be with a man i need to be able to feel vulnerable and embody my sexuality.

im being evicted then i cant come back here, and i dont want to. i am not used to living indoors, i really am acclimated to living house-less more its been weird. i am kind of excited to be out there i am tired of being isolated and we ended up in the suburbs in an apartment its been really desolate. i was driven to have lots of casual sex and drug use last year in the pandemic but i want to be sXe now substanced have made sex more complicated over the years i know what i want and how to ask for it

i can survive this but wont be able to survive sexual poverty any longer, i am giving all of myself now my heart must be absorbed in this delight and soothing ive only tasted
  • Best of Luck!
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