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  1. Murkyerky

    Newbie on trains and gear

    Hey it’s murky, so I’ve ready for my trek. I’ll be in cars for a few months but after that I plan catching freights. Any gear tips? My back without food is 30 pounds, I have a mat tarp steaks spare ropes compact sleeping bag and hammock, micro stove, few cans of fuel, knife, mobile phone...
  2. MetalBryan

    Thermacell Mosquito Repelling Backpacker Gadget

    Saw this on a forum. Takes up more space than spray and the reviews make me believe it is effective but unreliable. Has anyone used something like this...
  3. RiverRat

    Gear you thought would be a good idea but wasn't

    So, what is some gear you took with you, that you thought would be great to have along, but ended up being dead weight, or just a bad idea?
  4. Tony G


    I keep breaking my zippos now i know they'll fix em for free but thats a headache to ship em to Bradford any ideas for alternatives
  5. ali

    from backpacker to bikepacker: gear list

    My traveling background is mostly backpacking. That is, bumming around with a pack, usually staying at pensions (Europe), motels (North America) or cheap hotels (Asia). Worst case i overnight in a bus terminal, train station or airport. There's still a lot of walking involved, but it's not...
  6. Oreoman2002

    Question +10 Luck (lucky charms(not the cereal!))

    What lucky charm do y'all's have that you can't leave home without. I'll start. I've got a sonic screwdriver that I carry everywhere I go. It's been with me for years and I know it's just a prop (that also functions as a nifty IR remote). I never realized how much this thing I carry in my...
  7. JackSioux

    Anyone ever travel gearless and fearless?

    Not sure where else to ask this here but I thought this would work. Has anyone ever traveled with little to no gear? I’ve heard stories on Reddit about it but I wondered if there was any on STP. How do you even go about doing that?
  8. Lin

    Bag Check - Sleeping Pad and Chafing Powder

    Hey STP, I've been planning on hitching out of Texas and would appreciate any tips on lightening my pack. My synthetic bag is fat and heavy, but down bags cost a lot. I dunno about dropping the sleeping pad and baking soda though. I can sleep on a bag of my clothes for insulation, but I know...
  9. Crust Wagon

    staying warm on the road? how to, tips and/or gear advice?

    Newshit kid here. Its cold as Santa's ass out here. I live in Michigan for context, so yea it's pretty easy to get your ass frozen to the concrete while you're takin' a dump (don't ask.) Anybody got any advice on how to stay warm out here? Perhaps more advice than just "wear a coat, dipshit."...
  10. Lotus Shaped Potato

    Your favorite non-essential/luxury piece of gear?

    So I think we have a lot of talk about essentials what’s your favorite thing that’s not essential, a quality of life or luxury thing? I really like the squeeze bottle portable bidet I got for like $10. Keeps me feeling clean and keeps my toilet paper use low.
  11. TheTexasRoadrunner

    (my) hobo EDC gear ( video)

    So the day before I reached Britt for the convention , I decided to make a EDC video for my channel. This is basically what I carry with or without a pack.
  12. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Old school bindle

    Will be heading back on the road on Dec. 6th with my pups after taking a almost two months break. Instead of carrying a huge pack this time I instead decided to stay traditional and will be using a bindle with a woobie blanket ( poncho liner) tied to the end of my bindle stick. The bandana is a...
  13. DoctorZ

    Video Hobo Shoestring Shows Gear He Travels With....

    I thought this was a very good video by Professional Hobo Shoestring, who's been traveling for over 20-years across North America. His latest video goes over his travel pack and what gear and brands he recommends:
  14. Tony Pro

    Understand how your body loses heat

    Who doth ambition shun And loves to live in the sun, Seeking the food he eats, And pleased with what he gets, Come hither, come hither, come hither: Here shall he see No enemy But winter and rough weather. -Shakespeare, "As You Like It" Winter is setting...
  15. exiledone956

    Photos Pack Spread

    This is my gear feel free to add anything I might need to add or remove. backpack • Teton sports scout 3400 55 liters with rain fly •Clothes• 3 black T-shirts 3 muscle shirts 3 pairs of socks 3 pairs underwear 1 thermal top 1 thermal bottom 1 hoodie*not pictured* 1 baseball cap*not pictured* 1...
  16. exiledone956

    Photos Sleep System

    So I’m looking to upgrade my sleeping bag.I have a behemoth of a sleeping bag from like camp crystal lake lol. I’m thinking about getting either a Teton sports one or a thinner one with a fleece liner. It doesn’t really get that cold in here in south Texas but I do have thermal layers , hoodie...
  17. train in vain

    Making plastic string

    Probably somewhere better for this but I couldnt figure out where to put it so here it goes... Just came across this video showing how to make string from soda bottles. Pretty awesome. I know a bunch of people here are probably as into doing it yourself as I am and will get some use out of this...✌
  18. Lotus Shaped Potato

    Standing Pee Devices (For those with vaginas)

    Anyone used one of those things (funnels, cups, whatevers) that let you pee while standing with a vagina? For example: Amazon link There are cheaper ones and some more expensive ones. How're people's success rates with these things? I've just been squatting during day hikes and there's a...
  19. texastraveler

    easy super flammable tinder recipe

    if you ever needed easy, super flammable tinder, look no further! i used a bunch of these to get some damp wood going the other night and thought i'd share WARNING: THIS SHIT IS SUPER FLAMMABLE- DON'T FUCK AROUND WITH IT to make them you'll need water, sugar, potassium nitrate stump remover...
  20. WannabeVagrant

    Coolest thing you own?

    Hey Wayfarers and Travelers, Whats the coolest thing you own? Share a pic if you can. Thanks
  21. trufeats

    Where do you leave your backpack when going into a store?

    Hey, this is a very simple and perhaps maybe even a dumb question. I'm wondering what you do with your pack when you go into a store or find a place to charge your phone or fill up water. Do you always keep your pack on you? Do you hide it someplace in the woods before entering a business...
  22. GreenthornTraveler

    How do you carry around your gear for the woods and avoid hassles from LEO

    Do you make sacrifices and only carry a small pocket knife instead of a more practical knife for camping/bushcraft if you were hitting the road? Im just thinking that a person who looks like a traveler who may be illegally walking through train yards and riding trains or walking along highways...
  23. Batsy

    My packing list. What are your thoughts?

    Hey, y'all! It's Bats, again. I'm hoping to hit the road for the first time soon. I hope to hitchhike and maybe freight hop, but not necessarily freight hop. I'm still trying to find a good backpack that isn't too huge, and to figure out what to bring/leave behind. Below is the packing list...
  24. ElNayshon

    storing gear in city

    trying to come up with a cheap way to store gear while im at the job. anyone ever used a gym locker at a 24 hour fitness place? Dont want to come back with a broken lock.
  25. Tony Pro

    What's your packing list for the tropics?

    I've read some amazing stories about dudes here going caveman mode in Latin America and Asia; I hope one of you sees this and can give me an answer. I've never backpacked anywhere tropical in the middle of a rainy season, but that's my plan for this summer. I have several concerns about what...
  26. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

    (CNN) — US citizens traveling to Europe without a visa will be a thing of the past come 2021. The European Union announced on Friday that American travelers will need a new type of visa -- a European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS -- to visit the European Schengen Area...
  27. Tony Pro

    Need leatherworking ideas

    I got my hands on a badass set of leatherworking tools, and I have a big pile of leather to work with (mostly goat and some coon I tanned myself, but also some scraps of sturdy cowhide). I need ideas for stuff to make, preferably something I'll actually use. I'd like some kind of pouch for...
  28. GremIin

    Hitchhiking in the Cold

    Any tips on what to bring when hitchhiking during the colder months? Snow is starting to melt, but I don’t want to wait much longer before taking off again. Looking for tips/tricks on how to avoid frostbite and the necessary equipment so i dont end up with hypothermia. I feel like im pretty good...
  29. KeasbyKnight

    Carrying a Hatchet

    I bought a pretty much unused Bear Grills Gerber-Brand hatchet at a pawn shop for 5 bucks. Wondering how much shit or unwelcome attention I would get from carrying this. It came with a belt sheath if that makes any difference.
  30. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Suing Railroad Companies/Railroad Police

    This is an interesting article I dug up. How interesting states like Wyoming and Minnesota prohibited railroad police from having law enforcement authority. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/29/us/complaints-rise-against-nations-railroad-police.html
  31. TacticalBean

    Burying your gear

    Was wondering if it would be worth it to have one of those foldable shovels with you, and bury your gear around the more natural/forested outskirts of a city, so you could walk around said city without the hassle of a big pack. You’d obviously come up with a way to remind yourself where it is...
  32. rando


    Been working in Montana for the winter so I could get some new gear. Finally the time came to go out gear hunting! We all know how rad it is to slip into a brand new sleeping bag or sling on a shiny new pack, but it feels even better when we get a good deal, right? In a pawn shop in Hamilton...
  33. DoctorZ

    Ham Radio M.A.R.S. How To Survive Outdoors

    This might be a good web resource for some out there. Check it out: MARS Survival Web Site
  34. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Winter Mucklucks

    For those winter travelers. Not great to hike in or run in, but you won't lose any toes from the cold wearing these suckers. And a great price for quality winter boots. http://armysurpluswarehouse.com/muckluck/
  35. The Hiker

    primitive/paleo gear, anyone?

    Does anyone here prefer kit and tools made from natural materials over manmade industrial stuff? Stuff like stone knives, buckskin clothes, woven backpacks or bone sewing tools - or anything else.
  36. DoctorZ

    My Storm Chase Vehicle

    It seems to be a popular subject on here when I post about my Storm Chasing. I made this video for the Storm Chasing Community, but maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I think it's long and boring. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVkPOUHgYiM
  37. dumpster harpy

    All My Shit

    Figured I'd list out all my shit for y'all. French Army Alpine Pack Snugpak Navigator Sleeping Bag Camo Tarp SOL Emergency Bivy Thermarest Z-Lite 3x synthetic underwear fleece-lined leggings walmart polyester leggings 1 pair of pantyhose 1 pair of fishnets 3 pairs athletic socks 3 pairs...
  38. D

    Multi bandanna use

    A good bandanna is quite useful. Dust protection, like sweeping out my dusty shack, to tying limbs together to haul out of the woods for a fire, small gear container etc, and my latest today, meat bags. I harvested the back straps from a large roadkill buck, also his antlers, and wrapped them in...
  39. MetalBryan

    My Alice...

    The reason I am posting this is sort of self-reflective but maybe some of you will find a useful peice of information. I am finally staring down an eviction I always knew was inevitable. I don't know where I'll go, necessarily, but I know it will likely be around the new year - in winter as a...
  40. pallaway

    inline skates

    ive been wanting some roller blades for months and i finally ordered some online=) says i gotta wait five to ten business days, but hopefully they come faster so i get back to moving. quicker trips to the beer store and should be tons of fun. feel like itll be good for my mind and body and...
  41. Koala

    Featured Koala's Ultimate Spring/Fall Gear List

    Hey there folks, here’s what I figured out works best for me when traveling in daytime temps of 40F-70F and nighttime temps of 20F-40F. I travel mostly by train and hitchhiking. ~backpack -mine’s a Gregory 60L internal frame - it was expensive, but I’ve had it for years and it holds up to...
  42. Mattypnx

    Docs or thrift boots

    I'm doing some hitching and train hopping through the desert and beyond. I don't know if I should take my 14 eye black docs or these military type hiking boots I got at thrift store. My freind says my docs are unpractical but they're comfortable and everything I'm not sure I need advice. Do...
  43. IgorTheSerb

    My simple utilitarian hitchiking knife

    I have a few knives including a swiss army standard pocket knife, some moras and some handmade knives, some days ago i made myself what i call ideal hitchiking knife, its very lightweight, with excellent hardwood handle and a simple carbon steel blade blank i had lying around, also crafted...
  44. caffine addict

    What type of food should I bring when hitchhiking?

    Me and a friend of mine are planning to head on down to the coast next month and im trying to figure out what is the best food to pack when your in the middle of nowhere. (I'm sorry if there's anyone who already posted this before but I haven't seen anyone post a question similar or exact to...
  45. nobrains

    'What's in the bag' with nobrains!

    On today's episode: I had access to a postage scale so I weighed everything in my pack individually. I obsess about the weight of my pack, and I'm constantly trying to downsize. I seriously lose sleep over it. I want to be FRREEEE!! TO RUN from cops AND PLAY in dumpsters!! My dream pack would be...
  46. C

    Cosmic's Compilations of Carrying

    This post is an ongoing attempt to list out and keep track of what i've managed to scavenge and gather together, so far, in the way of traveling and camping gear, as a segment of general prepping items. Alice pack, medium, with frame and shelf. It has the fastex buckle mod, and the...
  47. JanykShorrths

    Anybody else order from Varustaleka?

    Has anybody else ever ordered anything from Varusteleka? I couldn't find any other threads mentioning them. They're a Finnish military surplus store/brand. They carry all the usual surplussy gear like backpacks, mess kits, etc. with more of a focus on European armed forces. They also have their...
  48. jack boy

    Library Making a Strong Hook Knife

    jack boy submitted a new file to the StP library: Making a Strong Hook Knife - Skills and Guides, DIY, Making things 2006 Click here for more information on this file.
  49. D


    Things I didn't know I needed until I traveled: A hat Something waterproof to cover myself and my pack Hiking boots (wanted lightweight, waterproof) Walking stick (I did a lot of walking in GA) I traveled through of of the southeast, where it can be sunny and day and pouring down rain all day -...
  50. Trooper

    Life Straw/Water Filtration

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone has used this or owns one of these? It seems like it could come in handy in an emergency or to simply drink out of a pond. For $15 it might be a good investment to prevent getting sick or worse. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything on the market...