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Aug 2, 2014
Owasso, United States
On today's episode:
I had access to a postage scale so I weighed everything in my pack individually. I obsess about the weight of my pack, and I'm constantly trying to downsize. I seriously lose sleep over it. I want to be FRREEEE!! TO RUN from cops AND PLAY in dumpsters!! My dream pack would be a banjolele that unfolds into a camp stove and a skank that doubles as a bivy............ some day. *sigh*

inside nobrains
Wal-mart pack --- 4# (65L this fucking shit)
stove --------------- 2# (mostly coleman tank & metal cup)
Food --------------- 4# (p-nut butt, sardines, honey, oats, tea)
hoodie ------------- 2# (i hate how much space this shit takes up)
clothes ------------- 2# (4 shirts, 1 pants, 1 shorts, 4 sox)
bag o dice --------- ½# (for D&D mofos--indispensable)
bag o change ----- 1½# (help)
books --------------- 1# (everyday tao & wherever you go there you are)
tools ---------------- 3# (cork screw, sewing kit, vise grips, sharpening stone, xtra flashlight, rope, tent stakes)
tarp ----------------- 2# (fuk u tatrp)
sleeping bag ------ 2½# (green army liner)
misc ---------------- 1½# (I have no idea what this is but it must exist in quantum state because my shit weighs:

TOTAL: 26 pounds right on the money
((too. much. stuff.)) *screams into the vacuum of space*

outside nobrains
fanny pack ---- 2# (w obsidian black +1 pigsticker with sheathe attachment "ol pointy")
jug o water --- 8# (can you believe how heavy this shit is? thank god it turns into piss)
guitar ---------- 5# (doubles as firewood)

I feel like there should be a master list for people to post their gear loadouts so there doesn't hafta be a bazillion separate threads. It is fun to see what crap others lug around. Kinda like MTV cribz for masochists. Maybe that's this list? *twinkle eyes* post your crap and make fun of other people's sentimental attachments to the oddments which facilitate their slowly eroding existence??
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I deleted myself
Your worried about weight but use a walmart pack? Thats an oxymoronic statment . your stove is a colman propane tank set up , the heaviest stove you can possibly buy for hiking. If pack weight is essential, in your case ocd, you should invest in actual hiking gear, stoves, etc. Iso butane stoves are light and cheap, half the weight of that bulky propane cylinder. Your sleep system could be down to 2 lbs if you go synthetic .check out rei online. Get an idea with cross refrences to youtube on pack,stove,gear reviews. You can usually ebay all the essentials for half the price.


Apr 22, 2015
Minneapolis, MN
@nobrains 26 pounds with water ain't terrible. I always wanna be lighter though, too.

Related to tracking/totalling weights and if anyone doesn't have access to a scale... LighterPack serves a similar purpose. Tons of gear is already entered. Saw it mentioned on some Appalachian Trail or through hiking type place. It tends to be more high end REI type stuff so you might still have to weigh homemade gear or less common items, but the site works pretty well and gives you a breakdown of different gear categories.


Aug 2, 2014
Owasso, United States
@Dayoldpizza thanx for the tips! I'm definitely gonna invest in better gear in the future. my stove is actually an isobutane, but i got an adapter so i could run propane off it. I thought I liked propane better but now I'm considering that might've been ignorance & bias. The walmart pack is just a temporary thing. I didn't choose it because I loooove walmart. I express that through interpretive dance.
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Make America Freight Again
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Dec 12, 2014
Huh, I've never went th minimalist route. Usually because I use/abuse My gear waaaay to much.

Here's a thread on what I carry in winter:


It's alot, but I use pretty much everything. Since making this list, I've ditched the smiley (because I have a knife and bear spray) and I got better boots, however, they are heavier.

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