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  • Nearly done with the electrical system of the van. 170Ah Lithium ion, 2/4K inverter, 400 watt of solar, 40A MPPT controller. Should be up and running (or explode) this weekend.

    After that I have to finish the primary work table, which will be the last big piece of the build.
    Roof vent is installed, fixed the side mirror, mounted the solar panels and ran the wires into the van. Currently working on putting in the floor. It's a lot but I'm making steady progress.
    Scrubbed out the rust and repainted the spots on the van. Ordered the roof vent yesterday. Broke a side mirror on accident so I’ll be replacing that tomorrow and sealing some spots in the van. Plan to put in the vent next weekend.

    Got into dumpster diving and I fucking love it. I’m making some nice side money from it. Which is great to supplement my income.
    Planning to build out a van for rubber tramping. Originally was thinking a minivan, but after doing a floor plan I think I'd be much happier in a full size van, primarily for floor space. I recognize it's really important to me to have a designated religious space and it's incredibly difficult to do that in a minivan.
    I've meditated outside for three days now. Things I notice are that earplugs are the shit and shouldn't be discarded too easily. Second that I can use my shawl to make a cocoon around my face and prevent face bites. Third, the more I spend in the woods the more nonsensical the rest of the world seems. Who the fuck thought asphalt was a good idea?
    Welcome man. Seems you have found a connection. Try not to let ppls brute ignorance piss you off or get you down. Folk are not woke.
    Meditated in the woods today. Decided to start doing this weekly while I continue to research and buy camping gear, so that I can get used to being actually in the forest, which carries with it varying temperatures and so many God damn bugs.
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    Invest in mosquito netting. Comes in all shapes and sizes. Under $20. ~ peace
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