1. seeking existence

    Ride Offered SF Bay Area to Michigan/Midwest Express - San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Central Valley California,

    Hi! I am driving from the SF Bay Area to Michigan and the Midwest sometime in the next week or 2 or sooner for new job. If you need a ride, please contact me ([email protected] - 916-623-5512). Rough route: SF Bay Area, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento, central valley CA to Midwest/East...
  2. D

    Detroit, to live?

    I looking for a new homebase out of Minneapolis. I've heard some things about Detroit, but it seems to be in extremes. I've heard it's not bike-friendly and the public transit is a mess. I would need a car to get around. But, I know a lot of punks and hippies moved that way and they are turning...
  3. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Wanted: Good Squatters for Detroit “There’s so much abandonment here, we need (squatters) to turn the neighborhood around,” said Jennifer Mergos, property owner. Wanted: One good squatter. Neighbors in...

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