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physical health

  1. BennyLurks

    Free Hep C Cure in Southern Ohio

    Southern Ohio has an Outreach Program that gives out free HEP C medication after a blood draw sample. They then call in the proper meds for your specific stage of Hep. It's free. Here's the phone number and it is in different locations throughout the month: (740) 999-4372
  2. ali

    Reported content: Post in thread 'How to get cheap/free health care?'

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  3. Maki40

    How to get cheap/free health care?

    So, I came down with something 2-3 months ago after riding the greyhound cross country like a cold maybe rona (I did lose my sense of smell and taste entirely), and the symptoms went away but I developed tonsillitis (swollen tonsils and lymph nodes) which hasn't gone away for like 2 months now...
  4. Coywolf

    Dealing with mental health and anger during 2020

    Hey all, I've been trying to develop my career over the past few years so that I am able to have a work/travel balance. There is this work schedule in my field called 'career-seasonal' that you can work between 6-10 months a year and you essentially get laid off for months at a time, and have a...
  5. Coywolf

    Spam phrase detected (health)

    Just went in to approve that recent intro thread by 'cyanide breathmint' (interesting name) And it wants approval because a 'spam phrase (health)' was detected. I dont know what that means....and in not really sure what happens when you select that 'spam clean' option, so I didn't take any...
  6. David1

    Where should posts about Veterans and or the VA health care system go?

    Its seems almost every week I am told about a new program that's out there...the bad old days of post Vietnam are behind us thank God. Want to share as I come across new stuff.
  7. Benji91

    Mental health struggles while working on the road

    Sorry if this has been posted before or isn't allowed, I'll probably end up wanting to delete this anyhow. I'm working on the road...driving and kinda babysitting groups of around 20 backpackers. I tend to work 3 and a half weeks at a time, then have three days off and start again. Like, it's...
  8. Kilo

    Hi im Kilo, been traveling on and off for 20 years depending on the health of my father.

    Looking for a ride from South Dakota. Going to Revival music festival in Harmony Park Geneva Minnesota north of Albert Lea, from May 23 to 27ish. This will be my first fest of the summer. Its been some years but always bring food to share and i can cook my ass off. If anyone needs a personal...
  9. Slingshot Collective

    Berkeley Free Clinic – Fifth years of Radical Health

    https://slingshotcollective.org/1-berkeley-free-clinic-fifth-years-of-radical-health/ By Finn The Berkeley Free Clinic, a cooperatively run clinic that’s been providing free health services in Berkeley since 1969, turns 50 on May 25th. With ever worsening gentrification in the San Francisco Bay...
  10. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    How to get motel room with no visa or credit card? i only got a health card?

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong thread, wondering thou for your people's insights and advice, this site has helped out a lot :) I'm thinking of doing some odd jobs and panhanding today for a hostel room for me and my bf, or a cheap hotel room, need btw $38-55 bucks, the shelter house isn't...
  11. Durp

    Free mental health resources?

    Been coming to terms that I may need some help. Anyone have resources for free mental health clinics? The pain is starting to be more then I can handle.
  12. Slingshot Collective

    News & Blogs History of Health: Needle Exchange in San Francisco

    Taken From: http://sfaf.org/client-services/syringe-access/history-of-needle-exchange.html Throughout the history of HIV/AIDS, there are many moments that stand out as bold acts of courage that forever changed the course of the epidemic. Syringe access in San Francisco is certainly at the top...
  13. Short

    Traveling abroad health insurance

    Okay, first things first I tried searching for an answer to this question but let’s be honest, searching forums is garbage across the board. Anyway I didn’t find anything. So I’m hitting the road in a month, which means quitting my job and losing my health insurance. I plan on spending a month...
  14. BrisVatne

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  15. Smudge

    Featured Masterpost on UTIs and Yeast Infections

    Hey folks! If you're reading this you probably know that having a vagina makes you vulnerable to some diseases and other issues that people without them don't have to deal with. I'm going to go through the two most annoying and teach you how to deal with and cure them. 1. Urinary Tract...
  16. junkpolecat99

    PTSD, jail, mental health

    I'm wondering if anybody else has PTSD from being in 23-hour lockdown (administrative segregation, not solitary confinement but close). I was just a number in the system, a bored, poor person that got drunk and spraypainted a building saying "fuck war 4 oil" and it happened to be a federal...
  17. Spirit Freeman

    Veganism and what it can mean for you!

    So I have been going through threads on here that have touched the topic of Veganism and I have seen mostly negative and pessimistic views on traveling while Vegan. I want to clarify something. It is NOT hard to travel and be Vegan. If you want it then you can make it work. My wife and I have...
  18. T

    Staying Fit on the Road

    Usually when I'm grounded somewhere I head to the gym about 5x per week, doing a weight routine. It's a bit more difficult being on the road. Not getting enough calories, nutrients (at times), energy, etc. to work out. However, I do use my knowledge of body weight workouts to still complete some...
  19. Cornelius Vango

    Featured How to Detox

    I become addicted to alcohol easily and have to suffer withdrawal symptoms while detoxing to get healthy again. Alcoholism, as well as other dependencies, is a huge issue in our sector of counter-culture, but that doesn't mean you can't balance yourself out and take care of your body. One of...
  20. QueerCoyote

    Traveling with health issues

    A good friend today approached me with concerns regarding my traveling plans. I'm finishing up a degree now, but after that I plan on taking my bike to the west coast and just going with the flow, doing some wwoofing, freelance art and modeling, etc. I have a musculoskeletal condition that...