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  • ehh dude just got into van a couple days ago, stayin in a motel in burnaby. still up for that beer? Ill be gettin my ass out to the island as soon as i can figure out some cash, you still there?

    take it easy
    Hey Dirtyface, I'm still kickin in the Lower Mainland, still no word on when I'm leaving as it depends on when I get paid for some work done in the interior, gonna be living out of my car around east van and at friend's places. Hit me up if your coming into town at all, let's knock back a few brews and chill out.

    Damn, I haven't been on the air in a long time. My HF antenna came down a year ago, and I'm not around enough to bother putting one up.
    what's green and has wheels?
    grass. i was lying about the wheels part.

    i changed out my starter yesterday, took out the copper rotor armature and solenoid plunger to sell for scrap metal, then returned the empty shell to autozone to get the 37 dollar core fee.
    just thought you'd appreciate that...
    hey have you heard of the president's new product for cars?
    barack fluid
    Ya man I saw that thanks. Im doing a "cultural exchange" with an EU kid in Ottawa named Witeck. he wants to try out riding and hes going to take me draining.
    Danny- thanks for the story and link, holy shit. That guy that saved that girl better get a fucking award fro that. if you find any further stories about him, or her even, let me know. I changed my signature to reflect that incident and the others you sent, plus the big killing in Spain last week... that train took out 12 people...
    that story about the bear, they say they are worried about the bears so much, but why not just shut off he trains, ohh or here's a fucking brilliant idea... SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!! THANKS FOR THE LINKS DANNY
    hey dan its ayron, adams friend.

    what are you up to? were in tofino right now for a couple days whats your plan?
    dang, there must be someone else going by opek, i dunno if you know me ;)
    think i met you in tampa with sonny at the TA? you were with your bro and two dogs in your car. may be a different dirty dan, if so sorry.
    got your note and link, thanks. SOmeday the trains will not have to try to win, we will all be flattened, our loss by pure forfeiture, lol...Posting it now, if you haven't already...
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