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  1. micah

    Nashville to Memphis (or just anywhere west)

    Hello travelers! I'm currently in Nashville probably gonna hitch west to Memphis but my goal is to get to San Francisco with a little detour up north through Denver/Boulder toward Bozeman Montanna and then cutting west to the Pudget Sound area of Washington and riding the coast south toward SF...
  2. Anthorhitchhiker77

    Stealth camping Nashville hood

    I went in the corner of this parking lot and dug a hole in this snow mound and went to sleep I heard at least 30 gunshots so it got to cold to sleep so around 2 am I start walking and ask these 2 guys if they know a place that's open so I can get warm they were going to break into abounded...
  3. NomadHatter

    Places to stealth camp in Nashville?

    So I’m about to move to Nashville, TN to work a job and I’m going to need a place to camp. I can get around on bike/bus, but I still need somewhere to stash my stuff during the day and sleep at night. Anybody have any advice?
  4. Drunkenscum69

    Going to Nashville

    Does anyone have any good or bad pointers on what to look out for in Nashville TN? I just visited there rubber tramping and I liked it alot while I was there but I'm about to explore the whole southeast part of the U.S and that's my first way point. I lived in Oklahoma for five years when I was...
  5. Kendra

    Nashville food bank/soup kitchen/dumpsters

    Hey y'all, I'm in "north" Nashville for a few weeks and am wondering where the good feeds/pantries/dumpsters are at. Dumpsters especially. Am discreet and will not blow up a spot. If you're down to show me, that's awesome, tell me about some places, that's awesome too.
  6. Cam3J

    Catching out Nashville

    Catching out. Stalking the tracks all morning and yesterday. I'm heading south tonight from South Nashville (berry hill area) pocket full of cash and fuck this cold front. Get at me if you're in the area and down to join the search party for warmer weather
  7. Brennan Pollock

    Greetings! Moving to the UK ASAP!

    Greetings! It's a pleasure to join the site. I few things to lay out on the table as my perfunctory introduction: 1. I am an aspirant anglican priest and scholar who many would label as "quite unorthodox" though I tend to believe I am as "orthodox" as they come. I will never attempt to...
  8. HelianthusSpiral

    nashville to tulsa, advice for hitching newb?

    hey yall, my partner and i are on our way to tucson, making a stop in tulsa first. we are especially hoping to find a trucker(s) up for driving us. i'm curious what points in nashville are best for finding a ride out of town? any truck stops along 40W that are better for catching rides, in...
  9. D

    Nashville to north east

    hey I'm interested hey I'm interested in hopping out of Nashville and getting connections to the Northeast preferably Massachusetts can anyone give me any info on the Nashville yard? good place to hop out, or info that will help connect me to new england
  10. Multifaceted

    Photos Abandoned Factory (Nashville, TN)

    I believe this was a factory for either railroad or train parts? I may be wrong, but that's what I was told. This area is in downtown Nashville and seems to be in the process of being reclaimed. There are some areas of the factory grounds that are currently in use as art studio spaces, and I...


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  12. Gypsybones

    Nashville to nola

    I'm near the end of my tour and I'm heading home. Currently in Nashville and I'm gonna jump on the trace and head back to Louisiana. Been doing this for 1,812miles alone and it would be cool to travel with someone. Anyone in or near Nashville or along the trace and wanna do a few miles...
  13. D

    Hungry in Nashville? Well I got you!

    Hey if anyone comes to Nashville Id like to do lunch :) Shoot me a message or post here! Just my way of showing respect and my treat!
  14. BriarBear

    NBD out of Jacksonville FL

    Howdy, I'm currently in Jacksonville FL and I plan on doin' some work out in TN soon (outside of Nash) - I'd wing and dick around, but there's a possibility I'll be on a time frame in regards to coming and going. I only hear horror stories about catching out of North FL (in ANY direction) -...
  15. daydreamdazed

    places to set up in Nashville???

    Does any one know a good place to park a bus in Nashville. Somewhere with mellow attitudes that wont mind the dog and just plain leave me alone and let me come and go as i please.
  16. Ravenhood

    Needing to get through Buffalo and down to Nashville

    Hitchhiking Montreal to almost-Toronto has been tough so far, but me and my man need to make it South the hell away from this cold quick. We´ll be crossing the border on the 6th or 7th of November into Buffalo, trying to make it to Nashville. I hear Buffalo is a shitty place to get stuck in. Any...
  17. Haon

    Leaving Nashville?

    I'm considering leaving Nashville and seeing the country. I'm recently homeless and I just feel like making a new start somewhere else. I met a righteous dude under a railway bridge here in Nashville and he suggested that I bum around the USA. Any tips on how to meet with like minded-people? I...
  18. kennacoconut

    Running around Nashville looking for chocolate milk...

    So I went to Nashville, Tennessee with school recently for a convention. My friend's roommate (froma different college) was very, very homesick and it made him crave chocolate milk. At 11pm at night, his craving became so strong that the four of us decided to go look for some! Well, this hotel...
  19. Kphoenix

    Gettin out of nashville

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to leave Nashville without gettin picked up by the cops for hitchhiking. i would busk but i dont have a guitar with me and fuck jobs.
  20. DisgustinDustin

    Nashville, TN

    Squating nashville.. Does anyone know a safe plae to squat/sleep downtown around 2nd ave and all that shit??? Lots of homebums here who don't seem so friendly.. We've been in town about two hours.. PM if you can help....