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  • PDX... couple days from now... headin down to the sunshine... So-Cal...Union Pacific...
    Didnt see you at voodoo but i took your advice and hopped outta vancouver, woke up in kfalls tho oops wrong train hahha
    Dude I know!!! Cheap and good CAN be difficult to find but not impossible. There are a lot of variables. My uncle owns acreage in upstate NY(frigid winters) but he might have suggestions on good places. He works/lives in the national parks and knows a lot about "off the grid" shit
    Dude I've been reading a lot about homesteading and our crew has a pretty broad base when it comes to our skills. I think we should look into planning something. It would take time and care and money(which I'm working on) but it seems like a great idea
    Peep. Idk how to personal MSG so here's a link for maps comin in and outta s burg. I ain't the bestest map reader. From what I see, seems like a short trip to Scranton might be feasible. Whatcha think?
    Cool man I'm visiting him right now. Unfortunately I go back to jersey on Sunday bc Monday I also "have to make dat cake.". But I think the end result is gonna be saving up
    and working for awhile and moving west.
    Depending on what part of Utah, hit up my brother. He'd like to see ya. Also, I was so happy when I saw a couple pics of us on Fuckin awesome! Love that site
    checkedout one of those customers...rock tenn. very little activity butxzzz that line doesnt operate saturdays. I'll have to re investigate. tried to find the printing place in east stroudsburg to no avail. did find an awesome abandoned warehouse that i gotta go back to when theres less ppl around. thanks for the info. did u take that sbd ride last week
    Rode the Portland & Western 664 into town yesterday from my "home yard" got stuck on a bridge going over the Willamette for 2 hours.
    Just got back from a nice NW choo choo loop. Pdx>Seattle>Hauser>Pdx via Columbia gorge.
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