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  • i'm in denver right now couchsurfing around. not really sure where im heading from here.
    probably a few months ago. you go to any gatherings? where you at now?
    Im in Lake charles headed west for the winter dont know really where to from there but ill keep you updated and shit dude we should kick a 40 or two!!
    pretty good, just did halloween again this year and got into like too many fights to count and didnt even get sent to OPP this year!! haha. still on the road of course...what have you been up to?
    Sunny and warm and beautiful in the day. Not shit for money unless you've got game. I longboard and eat free all day at the beach. But a lot of kids don't like it here. Chilly at night. Some sketchy squats, but I love sleeping on the beach. Its alright. Heading back to the east coast/south soon.
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