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  • do you check this or fb more often? whats up dude? sobered up a bit, been writing alotta music and working on some crafts. whats your plans for the summer?
    Yeah, Bebe's cool. Where's she at now? I'm in LA.
    Hahah. We don't in real life. I only know you from on here. And I'm pretty sure I told her that.
    haha yea o-squat is pretty awesome, roomy as fuck... the few days i spent there i walked in on 2 crackheads givin each other dome hahaha, that was fuckin gross, while some crazy ass 17yr old runaway was ranting bout black magic and causin a huge ruckus tryin to cast spells on the hubbaheads hhaha while this crazy bitch named luna aka lunatic went all manic n threatened both the dumbass youngin n the crackheads with a big hunka metal hahahaa.... craaaaazzzzyy times
    L A M E. I hate that, injury stuff. Hope you're healing well. I don't use AIM, so you're right it's just you haha I'm in WI til I move back up to Alaska. Blah.
    Yeah, definitely. I'd love to! Where are you at the moment? If you don't mind telling.
    I haven't decided. I just can't tell. I have a terrible memory and sometimes I think I know someone when I really don't. If this is one of those times, I apologize. Either way... hi :)
    yoyoyo so im moving to vermont, so if ur in the state u should give me a call, in the state of nc that is. ill be here another 2 weeks
    Yes.... it is me (Harper) and yes we do know a lot of the same people but we kind of reside in the same state too so it's makes it kinda easy. Did you find a ride to NOLA?
    havent been to the punk houses in raleigh... wasn't aware of them untill i hit the road towards tampa. the brewery's always a chill venue though. got some good deathmetal bands there. right off hillsborough street down the ways from two really nice headshops with the at home feel to them. is it a long suspended sentence on the potential probation? they gave me a whacxked out sencence two years probation for three misdemeanor larcenies that were reduced from embezzlements but only 24 out of 45 days on a suspended sentence to complete. so i chose the sentence... thanks to overcrowding in the jails.. i was out six days into completeing that.
    word. ill have to make a note to check out mobile. headin up to raleigh in mid to late feb as well to catch up with some friends. id love to check out the west coast after nc and see if cali's all its cracked up to be. the street guitar busking is workin well in tampa, so im gonna stay here a little whilel longer. good luck with court dude. wake county jails are like the chillest in the state,but are still overcrowded.
    where you at nowadays dude? fl got super warm but i may be looking for a change of scenery soon. have any ideas for a fun summer destination?
    you still use myspace nerd, don't lie. but just incase... 4103023021. hit me up, i'm in orlando.
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