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    Getting retardo
  2. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 4)

    "What do you mean you can't take me to Vegas?" "Apparently some other guy got that load, and dispatch is trying to send me to Montana. I'm sorry." I rubbed my eyes and tried to think quickly enough that I wouldn't go into panic mode. I had just woken up to the news that a promised ride after a...
  3. rando

    Howdy Kids! Happy New Year!

    Lurked on StP for quite a while before making an account but when I got tired of not being able to access parts of the site I decided I have nothing to lose! Throughout my late teens and now my early twenties I've hitchhiked through nearly every state in the lower 48. The traveling bug has...
  4. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    What I'm Thankful For...

    In my younger days, when my family got together for Thanksgiving we'd take turns saying what we are thankful for in the past year and I thought it would be interesting to see what the misfit travelers on this site are thankful for. I'll start... I'm thankful for my friends (Matt and Sara) that...
  5. McFly888

    Hey y'all!

    Not familiar with internet sites or... blogs, if that's right? Still trying to navigate the site, seems pretty cool so far. So me...been traveling since 14. Just found a baby kitten someone dumped for dead behind a McDonald's ashtray, our new buddy now. I'm interested in making new friends, but...
  6. mathelsom

    Developing homestead in NorCal looking to expand our community

    This is my first original post on STP and I'm very much looking forward to the responses i might get. I'll start off by saying a little bit about myself, ill keep this short. I'm a 26 year old female originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I've spent most of my adult life (after dropping out of college...
  7. Antonia sandoval


    Hi! I'm new here! :D I'm 31 years old looking for a studio apartment for rent in or near Largo, St. Pete F.L. Currently living in Tampa but found a job in St. Pete and need to move ASAP because my only transportation is my bicycle. Also I will like to meet people in the area!
  8. Benji91

    The nights that countPhotos 

    Over the past year or two a like minded mate and I have have seemingly (accidentally) created a little scene within a scene here in Pig City (Brisbane, Australia). After a few two many drinks and billies the other night (pic below) we got talking and realised the beautiful group of people we'd...
  9. Benji91

    G'day all! ;)

    Hey lovely people, I'm Benji. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - moved up north to Brisbane when I was a teenager. I love travelling more than most things in life, I've seen a lot of Oz and a fair bit of the world (USA, UK, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia, Netherlands...wherever there's a...
  10. skuzzlebutt

    everything sux

    hey guys! lame story time... ive been physically and mentally abused all of my life. my pops, all my mates, it's fucked, im fucked. im done with this life, and i need something more fulfilling. i did the homeless thing on and off for about 2 yrs when i was a teenager. always stayed in philly...
  11. TheonetheycallBren

    Reppin nothing but myself

    The names brendan friends call me bren, call me whatever just trying to find some friends,travel buddies, pretty much anything straight out of northeast pa, near wilkes barre, looking to head anywhere with my bag and brain haha