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Oct 16, 2015
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he vasques I can't comment on because I found them in a free box and the soles had already begun to crack.

i know this guy is banned

i was about to make a thread about how i got these very same Vasque boots for free recently too, and the soles have begun to crack

I'm in rural Colombia and all "non essential services" are closed due to the COVID19 situation, unfortunately this includes cobblers - and I've even been on the phone with a few, and apparently nobody wants to work doing a pick up and delivery service

this sucks because I only have a couple pair of footwear and I'm not tryin to buy new stuff

So here's a question in case anyone is up for starting on this topic

What are some decent DIY methods for fixin these shits up? Needle and thread? Glue? I'm concerned I won't be finding many useful supplies in town, but I'm lookin to think this through before browsing the grocery store while undoubtedly getting hawked by the workers because "get in, get out, and go home" policy

Anybody have some experience in this matter?

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From my point of view, unless they are Goodyear welt ( recraftable ) they’re essentially non-repairable. You could probably do a stop-gap repair with some Shoe Goo, but I think a permanent repair won’t be attainable.

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I have bought some really high quality boots and shoes off eBay, barely worn, at rock-bottom prices. I wear a EEE width, most mass-marketed footwear makes everything in a D width(med), a one-size-doesn’t-fit-all solution. Occasionally those same guys will market what they call W or Extra Wide, but those are at best an E width.

So, I buy Allen Edmonds shoes and boots, Redwing work boots, and Danner hiking boots. All American-made, different lasts to fit different feet, and many different widths. I never pay full price for anything, always prefer used to new.

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