diy hammock, best type of fabric? (1 Viewer)


Feb 18, 2009
A while ago one of my buddies had a hammock he made from some rope and fabric, not thinking about it i didnt ask him what type of fabric he used and now im interested in making one for myself.

if anyone has made one of these could you share your stories and also what type of fabric/rope you used to make it hold up well?
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Feb 18, 2009
yeah i know its going to be a hell of alot of sewing, not to excited for that part. but once its all done it will be pretty nice to have handy.

sweet potatoe

Feb 16, 2009
itd be really cool to figure out how to like, weave one with th ropes an shit, i just got some paracord though so idunno im pretty stoked for howveer i can end up making one. but these instructions could work too iguess


Feb 14, 2009
There are some sites/forums out there ( is one) that have instructions on how to make more hennessy type hammocks.


The Captain
Nov 2, 2007
around the USA
how does wider know everything about everything?
He hangs around me, how else?
Also saw him grab an old lady and beat some info out of her once, then posted that knowledge on a thread here.

i found some instructions, i only asked about fabric because on this website it says to use a bedsheet...and that will not hold up for that long really.
What if you sew two bedsheets together, along the edges and then some perpendicular stitching across the middle a few times?
Oct 27, 2010
Anywhere, USA

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