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  • yeah its pretty wild....seen em 4 times...i have a picture of me crowd surfing at one of their shows on here....
    yeah the most awkward shit happens when im on the way to a ghost mice show...i always end up missing them...owell....ive seen mischief brew,defiance ohio,ect...
    yeah dude sounds good! be prepared for being in the woods and going swimming in the river and stuff just wanna make it clear that it's the complete opposite from a city so hopefully your down for some nature shit but I'm sure we'll be going places too to see friends/ shows
    We're looking to get our squat active again around May. We are going to D.C. for spring IMF meetings (we're still waiting for the people in D.C. to organize it.) But after that we'll be back at our squat. We've had a few ideas on places to go being Detroit, and the Northwest. I'm down for portland! See some awesome shows over there I bet. We've totally up for any suggestions though, nothing is set in stone... except if we can all get passports, Canada in June for G8/G20 summits.
    sounds good man! We've got ourselves a few people who will be staying at the squat with us. We usually have 5-7 people there when we go. Also Massgrave and Stormcrow are playing in Philly on June 1st so Idk if you want to wait until then or meet up before but either way we should hit up that show it should be sick. What do you think?
    yeah we actually do have a squat and it happens to have a wood stove good for warmth and cooking it would just be SUPER hard to get there right now because of all the snow on the ground and its like 3 miles down the railroad tracks (not to mention getting wood to burn in the stove out from under the snow) but i'm totally down to meet up!
    DO IT!
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been "bed ridden" from being sick haha.
    the girl on the right is Kiwi, i might know sam but thats not her
    heyheyhey i know its been so long! today i just got 100 lbs of cows bones!
    gotta clean em all hehe
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