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  • hei , "cardboard" got banned from here and doesn't have your contacts! you can reach him at kylemfwelch[at]
    yo captain, i'm in southeast florida, and riding up to gainesville next week, then off to tampa for the rest of the month, then around some more. my point is, i'm getting around florida, and getting around in general. i'd love to catch up with you if you're down here. holler at me. my email is clarkpants at hot mail dot com
    Hey, thanks bro.
    I'm usually around the general area of BC. usually Vancouver.. sometimes the Kootenays.

    It sounds dumb... but, it was your avatar that spurred me on to get a vasectomy!

    I have been thinking about doing it and researching for two years but didn't have the drive to go through with it. And then I came across that picture... fucking hilarious. It just set it all in motion.
    my phone was being a piece of shit and back at the time my controlling ex wouldnt let me use his to contact people
    :( im sorry i missed you, maybe ill run into sometime.
    around 10 or 11. ethir it krept up on me, or it was sitting behind rachels for a minute. i was next to the overpass when it came by, i'm pretty sure it wasn't just sitting there. once i seen it i was like WTF! was that just sitting there the hole time!? hah.
    GODDAMIT...i finally got another book called 'gifted hands' by ben carson. dammit i wasted my money on that shit. it was a nice read tho. at least kept the boredom away on the 9 hour bus ride from mombasa to nairobi. but i don't really recommend it although he is a pretty rad dude well other than he experimented on new zealand white rabbits and he is keeping people alive! (or was) but he seems nice enough within the accepted confines of our culture. ok i think that's enough peace fool

    oh yeah also there is this album called "wowee zowee" by pavement dunno if you like them or heard of em but i think you might possibly dig it so check it out
    yeah fool so are you gonna change your name or just keep it because it's still considered "cool" to be a veggieguy especially for 12 years. damn sooon!
    After realising you have read the "Vegetarian Myth", now I wonder if you've thought about changing your forum name? Or keep it so people know who you are? Some of your posts are pretty onto it by the way :)
    hey, i went over to rachels and seen that IM you told me about. damm that thing was huge, but it never stopped. so i walked north one block and rode junk into jax. the ride was about 6 hours. :) good shit man.
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