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  • Probably heading to Dawson City this summer. I'm sick of the big shitty.
    WanderLost Radical
    WanderLost Radical
    See ya there!!
    yea, fuck big cities...Dawson City sounds like a good place to get away from it all for a while
    Living at The Arcade in Toronto. Hit me up for a place to crash.
    Going to BC for a month. I'll be around the Gulf Islands mostly. Hit me up!
    KAtie katie katie! How are ya doll i miss yer face! Im still around canaduh we should catch up some time! <3!
    whatsup katie- it's gabe
    yup, i waasnt on here for a year or so but jumped on looking for info on the states. not sure how long or where - just let the trails decide....how u been???
    Hey Katie, you still in Qubec... I'm hopefully comming out that way in June.
    are you from east van too?
    yup, im back in oz. been so for a few months, was only in EU for 3 months. mostly spain. But yeah, being back is pretty strange after all this time. It's a challenge stay still, settle ya know. though i moved around a bit at first, and have plans, but wanna mostly stick it out in melbourne.

    hows montreal? i kinda miss that place eh. that's a pretty fuckin' cold place to be this time of year (and that hemisphere that is, haha).

    our homie is in EU somewhere.

    so what else you been doing with yourself these days?
    whadda ya say katie?!
    got yer letter, nice to hear from you...
    never made it back to you, but just the same...
    hope all is well, glad I finally found ya on here :P
    CN goes everywhere
    ive got a buddy who works on the rigs out here but lives in vernon so im gonna get a ride from him to bc, prolly stay at his place till it warms up a bit more then hitch hike the rest of the way. shouldnt take me longer then a couple days to get there. i had no idea there was a foods not bombs in vic! i wish i would've known that, im surprised i never heard about it. definitly gonan be checkin that out
    haha awh
    Hes a about 2yrs
    trying to figure out what sex this person was, because this man in a suit changed into a woman in less than a sentence, and goat wanted loving. this person turned out to be a rabid wolf from space, whose mission was to...
    normal people. Goat then pulled a garotte out, and started to river dance until a...
    the shouting of the homophobic street preacher spewing hate and cookies to all the people walking by. Goat heard him and...
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