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  1. WanderLost

    Seeking Couch Tucson, Az

    I'm gonna be needing a place to stay in Tucson soon while I'm working a job. The job is exhausting and I don't wanna be sleeping outside for it. I was also thinking about maybe splitting a motel for work days if anyone is in town and needs a break from sleeping outside. I'll probably end up...
  2. Supposed Mocha

    Tucson to Chicago

    Looking on some tips, just scrapping a vehicle of ours to get outta rubber tramping and bum it with some friends back in the Midwest after some crazy times. What would be the best way outta this city? Unfortunately railhopping is too new to me so that's not much of a thing, but hitchhiking is...
  3. D

    Advice on PDX to Tucson?

    Ppl say 101 is easy way south, so if I can get to the coast that should get me south, but when to go east? I-10 goes right thru Tucson but I think taking 101 to I-10 would mean hitching out of LA and I hear ppl say LA is like a vortex that traps people in and that sounds bad lol. What do u...
  4. femdomkinkcpl520

    adventure seekers from Tucson Arizona

    Were so glad to have found this community and we're excited to meet some of you. We are looking to travel and meet other open minded naturalists. We hope to have contact with some bored of being qurinteed people that would like to meet up. Were friendly and don't bite unless you want us to...
  5. D

    Photos Rail Fanning in Tucson

    I used to rail fan in Estevan Park and the Halfway House when that was going. Lately I've been crossing the bridge on e. 22nd over the yard between South Tucson and Barrio Centro more days than not, and doing some great rail fanning. Today I saw this:
  6. Strangeandsolo

    tucson mcdonalds, your biking from missouri

    hey bro I told you about some camps and about this place (STP), my dog had the hurt paw and my sister picked us up. you were cool, the beads lol ,anyways hit me up here if ya see this 😉 stop lurking and sign up
  7. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  8. Germscout13

    San Pedro growing in tucson

    Just moved to tucson and was wondering if anyone knew where large amounts of san pedro grows naturally or on abandoned land. Its often left unkept and over grown so i figure might as well ask around before searching the desert. It contain psychedelic properties when prepared right so it would...
  9. Coywolf

    Video Flagstaff, AZ to Tucson, AZ

    Next video of my travels this winter:
  10. Jo3k1n9

    My 4 month long road trip comes to an end in tucson, az

    I've zigzagged, back and forth, across America for the past four months broke, without knowing my license were suspended the whole time, and barely any of my journey was legitimately funded. I'm not particularly proud of how it was financed but it was all worth it if only because I found out I...
  11. cherryb0mb

    Rubber tramping in Phoenix?

    Never been to Arizona. Sick of the cold, Phoenix or Tucson? Anybody with any experience tramping thru these parts?
  12. D

    Tucson, AZ to live?

    Hey community, I'm considering moving from Minneapolis to Tucson, either at the end of this year or sometime next year. Does anyone have any wisdom on the area, that will help me survive for a long term stay? Community activity, punks and hippies, food shelves, connections, etc. I know the gem...
  13. Maxnomad

    Colton to Tucson . . .?

    Dumb question but i guess i'm a dumb guy. Been trying to hitch out of ontario for two days ,:( I've only rode in the the east and it's been like a decade. Is this easy? Is this a don't fuck w it? Or is there a better spot to hitch from? The inland empire feels like hell Thanks y'all
  14. Jaxxie

    Tucson AZ

    Hey guys, I'm from NYC and am very new to traveling/ van dwelling. I'm currently in Tucson, AZ looking for some friends to do hoodrat shit with. My hobbies include; drinkin, drawin, playing music (currently learning UKE) hiking, chillin with my dogs, drinking whilst doing the aforementioned...
  15. Joel Grayson

    arizona shows/shit2doo?

    tramping az for the winter, looking to find some punk metal folk or grass shows out here. or other cheap/free shit to do in tucson and phoenix area. stealth camping and fly spots accepted too! anything helps, thanks!
  16. Bizarre Odor

    House shows in Tucson

    I've been promoting shows at my house in west tucson for a couple months now and they have been pretty successful and I want to continue having bands play here. It seems like there is not many diy shows in town. Anyways, if anyone is in a band/knows of one on tour that wants to play tucson PM me...
  17. Kal

    Hitching from Pueblo Colorado to Taos New Mexico and jumping a train to Tucson Arizona

    Finally I will be hitching from Pueblo to Taos tomorrow and then from Taos I plan on jumping a train to Tucson.
  18. Thorne

    Sean Lee in Tucson

    I ran into this guy named Sean Lee at the corner of Speedway and Park probably 6 months ago. Him and his girlfriend are former road dawgs and have an infant daughter. He often takes travelers he runs into into his house. He gave me his number, but when I changed things over I lost it. I've been...
  19. Thorne

    Tucson Festival of Books-->March 15-16, 2014; 9:30-5:30 both days

    The Tucson Festival of Books is taking place on the University of Arizona Campus this weekend. If you are a writer, or just want to meet published authors from all genres and age groups, this is an awesome event. March 15-16, 2014 (9:30am - 5:30pm both days) https://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org/...
  20. Bizarre Odor

    Tucson Spange spots

    My homie and our pup will be rolling through Tucson this coming week and are curious about the best areas in the city to fly a sign, etc. I've heard good things about 4th ave. Any suggestions?