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  • Hey Stove! Just checkin' in on yah! I'm sure you've been on a hundred exciting new adventures since we last spoke. I lost the link to your blog on freeloading, too. :( Send it? Please and thank you! Let me know how it's goin'~
    would thermodynamics be covered intimately in an undergraduate physics class? as far as I understand, the study and its implications have become so vast that it has become its own field no? but i know that engineers have to learn it well. I'm just wondering when its introduced and how its covered... did you do EE?
    hey. dont know if you remember but this is norplain. i dont get on here much though. figuired i'd try to keep in touch.
    No, we don't know one another (I don't think?), but maybe we will one day. I got mad love for couscous.
    hey man, seen your posts, noticed you travel the fucking WORLD (not just n. America) and just wanted to know, what's your favorite region/nation/place? I'm gonna start doing the same type thing, tackling the whole world, in about a year, and I'm getting opinions from seasoned travelers as I start to get a feel for where the good shit's at, you know?
    I'll have you know..the only reason why I *befriended* you on here is because you love ice cream...and 8mm rope. lulz...
    ohhhhh right! yeah I knew I met you somewhere, just couldn't remember where. yeah that was funny, I was staying at my friend's house, but neither he nor his family were there, it was weird. so where have you been traveling lately?
    thanks for the friend request. request granted! I've heard about you from my brother, max (NickCofphee). wait..did we meet last summer in portland?
    i don´t like into the wild but i would still like to be your internet friend
    i actually took the bus out of portland, picked up a couple rides on rural routes, until someone highly suggested i reroute and just go to the truckstop right before mass in NH right before the 95/90 junction so i did that, and caught a ride with a trucker driving all the way to AZ, so he dropped me off at the 90/88 junction near albany/schnectady. hung out at my friends farm for about a week, and then i caught a ride to new paltz, ny where i am right now!
    whats up man. in upstate NY right now. sort of. actually in jersey for the next hour then getting a ride back to upstate ny.
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