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  • whttup dude its cory from the PDRV train we hung out in dunsmuir remember? how u doin, you were going to black mesa last time i talked to you. u ever end up moving to NY ? [email protected] drop me a line sometime
    hi. just read up on your trip outta oakland. rough, man! glad it ended well, though. good thing you didn't get busted for the chocolate!
    anyways, i was lurking you a little bit and see that you just finished an internship at the same place i want to get my permaculture design certification. just wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about the place and programs? what's bolinas like? i've spent my fair share of time in cailfornia, but i've never been close to the place, and i'm wondering if there'd be a way to make money nearby? if so, i think i'd be interested in the internship too.
    my name's lauren.
    Maritimes, Canada, picking blackberries like they were going out of style instead of just out of season. Actually why would one bother getting heavily into something just as it was going out of style? I don't understand that expression... Suerte!
    pittsburgh is a pretty cool place. i am definitely not a big city person. its small and there's good people and positive things happening here. its so small i probably know of the people you do. i can deal with it to make money to make my dream of rural life happen ya know?
    hello. i am back at homebase. i grew an awesome garden this summer! just ate some of my first moons and stars watermelon. also just found out today me nick and our friend rach got this apartment in pittsburgh. starting in september, so while you are out travelin' again maybe you stop by pittsburgh? hope you are awesome as well.
    nice! yeah i know they're out there. just having a hard time running into any. once i get traveling i'll probably have an easier time, but yeah my boyfriend and i are sticking around tucson through the winter and are totally down for some like minded company!
    Internship in Williams Oregon brah.
    Its depending on where in norcal you wind up you should stop by. I cant really have weekday guests but i can show you BAD ASS camping spots, and you could stay at the farm on the weekend. I'll be there starting september 9th. So stoked.
    how was your internship?
    Lucky bastard. Sounds like he liked it then?
    Totally wasn't me haha! Did you end up hanging out Compass though?
    I sent you a myspace message. check it :)

    I'm in s.f. so call me. the number is in the myspace pm
    Hey, I should be in CA sometime before the middle of May, I'm waiting to hear if my friend is gonna set up a little tour for us or not. I'll keep you updated!
    my girlfriend and i got a ride to our friends ranch we've been staying all winter. i'll be here for a week, then going east via sunset.
    Thats sounds like a pretty good deal. I'm still in RVA. I was gonna try to get out in a few months, maybe hit the onion harvest in Georgia or something. I ended up with some loose ends to tie up, so I might be here a little longer than expected. Other than that things are well.
    Haha, we would have if the cat hadn't destroyed it! But I am hoping the rest of the parts we saved are still good. Have you skinned any animals before?
    I can't eat meat because I have a weird animal protein allergy, but I am pretty sure that the meat on that raccoon was a little too putrid for anyone to sink their teeth into. But from dissecting it, I am not sure it would taste that good. A lot of fat on it.
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