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  1. Ceannairc

    "The Joys of Being Homeless" - old article with good tips

    I found this article while lost in some internet rabbit hole during the summer. I saved it as I thought it was very good, and I was worried the site it was on would go offline, as it looked like it hadn't been updated in years. I think it will be of interest to a lot of people on this site. I've...
  2. MatatuPuncher

    Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

    @MatatuPuncher submitted a new file to the library: Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival - Wilderness survival Click here for more info!
  3. MatatuPuncher

    Book Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

    Based on the 5Cs of Survivability--cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages--this valuable guide offers only the most important survival skills to help you craft resources from your surroundings and truly experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness. Inside...
  4. Hudson

    Urban survival with Les stroud

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/unofficialnetworks.com/2020/03/13/survivorman-les-stroud-coronavirus/amp/ The title says it all; I'm not sure how good this is gonna be but the dude is very imformitive when he is doing wilderness shows.
  5. Darcyx9

    Zine Surviving the Collapse of Society

    zine from 2015 about skills that will come in handy if/when society collapses
  6. Rune

    Survival Bread Thread

    This thread is for the simple, inexpensive, foragable recipes that people can make in squats or in the wilderness. I have a very good and very short book on it, that I will share my favorite recipes, once I find it. -_-; Bread is a very good way to survive on very little, from what I...
  7. B

    HUGE survival ebook archive

    this is a huge survival ebook library of mine ( 8.41GB ) i'd like to share with everyone. from basic text documents, web pages links, books and military manuals. these cover everything from urban/bush craft survival - weather, homesteading, cooking and military survival/evasion techniques...
  8. Kilo

    Scamming tips? For survival or making a living?

    I dont think that should be up there. Scamming people is foul! Shouldnt be a way to make a living. They could be our parents that have been scammed
  9. DoctorZ

    Social Engineering: Key To Survival On The Road.

    One of the best weapons you can possess is good Social Engineering skills. You can use it to influence people to do what you want, or gain sensitive information for increased success at whatever you are doing. I'm sure some of you are already experienced Social Engineers, but many are not...
  10. valkata

    Library Wild Food Survival

    @valkata submitted a new resource: Wild Food Survival - U.S Marine wild food survival Read more about this resource...
  11. VikingAdventurer

    Library Useful PDF Dump PART 2 (Preparedness & Survival)

    So, as promised, here is another thread with useful PDF's. The theme this time is "Preparedness and Survival". I'll start with some easy recipes... Easy Food Preparation:
  12. ThatBitch

    19 y/o artist in search of freedom

    hello! i have never gone camping, killed and prepared an animal, backpacked, hitchhiked, or traveled outside of the US. but i am painfully tired of this society and i'm ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the earth in the way our ancestors once did. return to our roots with me :) looking...
  13. jack boy

    Desert Survival Basics

    jack boy submitted a new file to the StP library: Desert Survival Basics - Desert Survival Basics by Jack Purcell Click here for more information on this file.
  14. pallaway

    Thermal Engineering for Survival

    Feel like this should go in gear, but there more people's here lol. I used to be an insulator and a called myself a thermal engineer to sound fancy. Also any suggestions on keeping my toes warm. I'll spend extra dollars for really good socks. Was think in hothands in my shoes would be easier though
  15. meatcomputer

    Library Sailing the Farm: A Survival Guide to Homesteading on the Ocean

    meatcomputer submitted a new file to the StP library: Sailing the Farm - The Sailing Homestead Book Click here for more information on this file.
  16. meatcomputer

    Book Sailing the Farm: A Survival Guide to Homesteading on the Ocean

    "Independence on thirty feet. A survival guide to homesteading on the ocean" --Jacket subtitle. "Consider a boat as a total life support system--living on board, at home, on the seas or in port; sailing where you choose to go and moving on when it is time."
  17. CoNiGMa


    Cordage is a good thing to have in a survival situation. Any type of wire, rope, string, twine, or line of any type will be useful, but stronger rope is better. It can be used for multiple purposes like lashing things together, building shelter, carrying and moving items, climbing, making a...
  18. CoNiGMa

    The Rule of Three

    In a survival situation, a person has 4 core things that he/she needs to survive. These are Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. When in a survival situation, remember the Rule of 3: You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water. You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a...
  19. CoNiGMa

    16+ Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

    Fire is essential when in a survival situation. It is used to purify and boil water, cook food, as well as other things. There are numerous ways to start a fire when out in the wilderness or in a survival situation. In the absence of lighters and matches, here is a list of various options...
  20. CoNiGMa

    Shelter building with natural materials

    One of the main things you need to worry about when in a survival situation is shelter, especially in cold, damp climates. If you do not have a shelter such as a tent and cannot find a suitable place to use as a shelter from wild animals and the elements, you will need to make one. There are...