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  • Like the post on building the immune system. That's the kind of writing that this site should have, all the im more anarchy then you (not are fault ur dad sucked)is bullshit. That kind of post is why i joined. but perhaps your right this might just be over crowded with close minded, frustrated, infants. There are some kool peps here, your one of um. Keep it real, till the sun is gone.
    what the fuck STP? i havent been on here in awhile, since when was "NEGATIVE" ratings an addition to the site?
    well im just going to continue more and more untill you cant stop thinking about how you can possible match my power of love out put and then you will start freaking the hell out and ask for me to stop but i simpily will not ill just love you more and more so your body will thusly take the excess love and try to make room for it by storeing it as body fat and so you will just keep on growing more and more from all the love that i shoot at you with my brain and then youll simpily one day explode from all the love love love love lovely love love
    Thanks! I must say...I am really infatuated with your portrait of the koala!
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