1. croc

    Greyhound loophole

    Last year when traveling from Altoona, PA to NYC I noticed something fucking amazing. The ticket to NYC was like $200... But the tickets to long Island were much cheaper. The bus has to pass thru NYC first and there's a layover there. When greyhound has a (might need to be multi hour, I'm not...
  2. dumpsternavel

    Spoken Word & Written Poetry

    Here are a few works of mine from the last 6 months* I decided to post audio, as well as finished write-ups for those who have a personal preference for one, or the other. Also, I'm quite curious as to any of your own feelings in regards to the differences in media. If the same message/rythm...
  3. Coywolf

    Greyhound vs. SEMI truck leave 7 Dead in New Mexico

    News & Blogs 
    I hope no one on here was on this Bus.... Greyhound Bus, Semi-Truck Crash Head-On In New Mexico; At Least 7 Killed August 30, 201811:01 PM ET VANESSA ROMO Twitter First responders...
  4. Jammy

    Paying for a Greyhound Route Stop but Going to Final Destination

    I am thinking about buying a greyhound ticket from Toronto, ON to Buffalo, NY but actually staying on the bus and riding all the way to NYC. Would I be able to get away with this? Do they check tickets at layovers? It's stopping at Rochester for 50 minutes, Syracause for 35 and Binghampton for 5...
  5. G

    My first solo trip to Atlanta

    As a man with Autism, this is a major achievement for me.
  6. Kuchi Kopi

    Grody Greyhound Hookups

    So, this is a thread for greyhound hook up stories. If theres a better place for it moderation is appreciated. Anywho so here is one of my numerous hookups riding the Greyhound. I usually leave from my home city of Syracuse, NY and bring alcohol and goodies for trade or sharing. Theres usually...
  7. Heath Bar

    Wondering 4 Runner and Greyhound

    My dog and I have done about 20k miles accross Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and southern California in the past 3-4 months. We are taveling in a modified 4 runner with the back seats un hindged for car camping and city camping. We are currently in Santa Monica for a few days or maybe until just...
  8. Daman45

    I Survived the Greyhound and now I am hitchking

    I took a Greyhound bus for a cheaper way to travel across America (Spent about $80 for around trip to Atlanta Georgia and back to West Palm Beach Florida). First time was not so bad. The second time was like being in a Third-world country. Willing to take my chances Hitchhiking, I need some...
  9. Dylan Christopher

    Free greyhound?

    Hi all, Was told by a squat mate there's a way to ride a greyhound for free if you modify a ticket. Can someone explain if this is true and if so how it can be done? Thanks!