freight trains

  1. jordthecowboy

    Caught between lives

    Hey all, I'm Jordan, a lover of life and a writer of it too. For the record, I'm nonbinary/ trans masc and use they/he pronouns. I've travelled quite a bit in my so-far-short life, by many different means, throughout Canada, Asia, and Europe mostly. I'm living in Toronto right now, finishing...
  2. Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

    Abandoned train derailment found!!!

    while exploring the tracks in the Dunsmuir California area I happened upon these old and abandoned SP train cars. They have obviously been there for awhile and have had anchor wires attached to prevent further movements. Why they haven’t been removed is a mystery???
  3. superphoenix

    My Second Catch Out (NJ/NY)

    My pack Technically, I've done smaller, more local short line runs before this, but in essence I've only had two "major" rides - Newark - Allentown, and now this one, North NJ to wherever. I could have gone as far west as Chicago, as far south as Florida, or nowhere at all if I was really...
  4. vilikas55

    Greetings from Lithuania with smiles~!

    Hello! I'm from Lithuania, southernmost of the Baltic states in the center of Europe. Came here to begin my long long research about freight-hopping culture in Europe, with hopes to one day depart for such adventure myself. Always been fascinated with travelling on board of a train, and only...
  5. KinowaGear

    Handmade products / Bags and gear

    Hey folks! I am stoked to join this amazing forum. Big up to StP! Let's introduce myself ; I make handmade quality backpacks and gear for bike courier and travelers, and currently designing dog backpack harnesses. I have a small sewing shop with industrial sewing machines, in which I am...
  6. threskiornis

    Train riding in New Zealand

    Hey I just arrived in new zealand and was wondering if anyone has any info on freight movements/yards/tt/rideables/etc I'm currently in auckland and have checked out the westfield yard but havent seen much of anything promising.
  7. ntdxc1878

    One Month Across 20 States

    Featured Photos 
    I pulled my pack out of the back and slammed the door shut. The white Nissan slowly wheeled away around the bend and out of sight, and I was now officially alone. I promptly made my way through a hole in the fence, through the trees and out into the clear to reveal the glorious three track...
  8. Lynn Rogan

    New to this community & looking for someone to travel with

    Hey there, I recently got back from riding freight starting in NY and working my way through the New England area. I fell in love with Vermont & will be traveling back between July 10-15th and the people I'm traveling with are coming back in August but I want to keep traveling and eventually...