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freight trains

  1. PerunaUcco

    Hello world!

    Heya, im Spiidi, a lad in his twenties from Finland. I have been interested in traveling the world for some time now and decided to make an account here, since there is like minded individuals. Currently looking to starting backpacking around Europe using freighthopping as a traveling method...
  2. superphoenix

    Freight Minds Think: A Bike

    So by this point I would say I have pretty extensive experience with both bike touring and freight hopping and would like to combine the two. I know some people who have done it but they're currently unavailable to answer questions about it, so I'm just wondering if anyone here has done it...
  3. Ace9133

    Guide / Tutorial A Guide to Train Symbols Presented by Foamers.

    As a former foamer myself, I have some pretty decent resources to find which train goes where. Others might not, as the website is kind of obscure. However, not so obscure that it doesn't get updated for ages. This website, as seen here is amazing. Click the railroad you want to see, such as NS...
  4. jordthecowboy

    Caught between lives

    Hey all, I'm Jordan, a lover of life and a writer of it too. For the record, I'm nonbinary/ trans masc and use they/he pronouns. I've travelled quite a bit in my so-far-short life, by many different means, throughout Canada, Asia, and Europe mostly. I'm living in Toronto right now, finishing...
  5. D

    Pay close attention to train symbols online!

    Guys, I can not complain just how badly clueless railroad enthusiasts and railfanners try to trick others into thinking where each train starts and ends. But I do want to strongly inform everyone to keep track of where trains start/end even if there are dumbasses out there that try to trick us...
  6. P

    Tattoo/skank color meanings

    I know this is stupid but y'all know the common tattoos that many travelers have? (Arrow, squatters rights symbol, train tracks, etc.) ...are there specific meanings to all of these common symbols? Like are these trophies, badges of honor and stripes for accomplishing specific things as a...
  7. Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

    Photos Abandoned train derailment found!!!

    while exploring the tracks in the Dunsmuir California area I happened upon these old and abandoned SP train cars. They have obviously been there for awhile and have had anchor wires attached to prevent further movements. Why they haven’t been removed is a mystery???
  8. ZIGER

    Video Traveling on freight trains in China

    Video about a trip to China. Unfortunately the video contains a lot of obscene words and only English subtitles are available (I'm not sure that the translation was made correctly) Can add more information: The entire railway line is fenced along with fences. There are no railway crossings...
  9. AutonomousPlayground

    Video Freight hopping La Bestia across Mexico series (4 episodes)

    In case anyone was interested and didn't see this before. Here are some videos I made which are in a playlist as I rode trains across Mexico a while ago. I visited a bunch of times since then, and made a lot better videos, but it's something to watch...
  10. ScatteredCrowBones

    Featured In time of plague; riding freight and roaming

    I'd like to share some photos of my travels this spring. I'm not usually one to post stories of what I'm up to but feel this can be some contribution considering the forums here have aided me in my travels. After spending a week in Salt Lake city Utah going to strange dystopic hotsprings, a...
  11. WyldLyfe

    Freight Boat a.k.a Cargo Ship hoppin

    People hop freight trains but any of you got any stories bout hoppin cargo ships? what do you guys think about it?
  12. Hobo richard

    News & Blogs Major but Little-Known Supporter of Climate Denial: Freight Railroads

    For nearly 30 years, America’s four biggest rail companies—which move the majority of the country’s coal—have spent millions to deny climate science and block climate policy. The Atlantic, Dec 13, 2019 In the fight against climate change, the nation’s freight railroads have painted themselves...
  13. superphoenix

    Levels of Freight Priority?

    Noob question, but I'm wondering what the different level of different cars are. Obviously IM is high, especially the mail train, and GM is lower. Garbage empties I imagine are particularly low. I believe coal is pretty low too. I've had good luck with grainers being dependable, though. My...
  14. EJ1312

    New to StP currently rubber tramping. Riding freight when the snow goes away.

    Hi yall I want to introduce myself i am a nomad for the past 2 and half years i have traveled every corner of canada and have seen every province and the yukon territorys all the way to the artic circle. Lived in a Stealth camper van From this may until my band mate (road dog) and I made...
  15. Mathurin Kerbouchard

    Video Pittsburg Kansas to Joplin Missouri Freight Train Hopping

    Getting dropped off at the access road to the rail yard, I was hoping I'd be able to grab a late afternoon train heading towards Shreveport. After a careless start I ruined a potential chance of beating the impending several days rain storm. I didn't make it very far. There was no other option...
  16. Xongile

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  17. Mathurin Kerbouchard

    Unedited full version of my recent Freight Hop experience

    After deliberation about the app and it's relocation and editing I was told that I should repost my trip off this app here which was not suitable for other threads. Unedited and unrevised my freight hopping excursion starts in St. Louis and ends in Indianapolis. Sharing has it's pros and cons...
  18. Mathurin Kerbouchard

    My first experience hopping freight trains

    RaZin_do_'bo Entertainment Tho, I'm going to put it to words at some point, along with other experiences and experiences to come I wanted to recount my first experience on the Iron Horse audibly. And to maybe spark up a thread of similar traveling experiences, doesn't have to be centered on...
  19. Ironweed

    Are Crew-less Locomotives a Good Idea?

    The freight industry is always evolving. Some good, some not so much. I think one of the good things is that your far less likely to get into a wreck today compared to the past. The roads are much safer in that regard. I could list a litany of negatives, but we all know about those....I...
  20. TrainingHoppers

    Book Field Guide to Trains, Locomotives, and Rolling Stock

    A great book by Brain Solomon, abundant useful information scattered about. Very broad, but largely north-American.