1. Swimsushi

    Any experience being on the road and in college at the same time?

    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone has had experience or know someone who has been on the road either vandwelling or travelling while actively going to online or in person college classes.
  2. CelticWanderer

    Housed up for a long while, so, maybe school?

    So, at the start of last year I tore my ACL working trails in cali and had to get reconstructive surgery, wound up back in Georgia and am still recovering. Doc says it can be up to 13 months before I can do something like trail work again. In the mean time ive been thinking about how my body...
  3. lawnchair

    College student battling restlessness.

    Heyo! I'm currently a college student but struggling with restlessness and wanting to be on the road. The initial plan was to graduate college (and become a citizen) and then travel but idk how much longer I can stay in one spot for. I have basically everything I need to leave so now it's just a...