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    hey man. when are you hopping out. ill be in chicago by tuesday at the latest. im down to leave the same day.
    nah just read his facebook posts, i do worry about him but yeah. take care maybe run into ya sumtinme
    I finished up a masters in Anthropology, started a PhD, did my fieldwork in Kenya, quit afterwards for many many reasons. I took a year off between undergrad and grad school. Now, I want to teach peramculture/farming and live on a farm in Oregon. Moving out there in in January. It's possible that I will resume a PhD program in OR.
    Oh yeah dude, I'm long gone from there. I'm in Havre, Montana right now. Got caught riding and they gave me and my road dogs 10 days. The use to give 3. :p
    Nah man I've only dealt with the BNSF Tennessee Yard down there. I'll see if I can do some homework for you though. Best of luck.
    Nice! So when are you heading out? I might be incommunicado for a while, might just decide to cut off the outside world completely for a while. Damn man, you're going to come back all enlightened and shit. Hopefully I will too ;)
    yeah, there was a post on it. any acc't older than 45 days w/o login or contrib is deleted. mainly to thin the heard nothing personal. the wiki is up and running as well. if ur interested in contribing to it get ahold of me or wizehop
    Where did you end up? I am back in Portland
    Yeah, are you looking for day hikes or more? Vesper peak/lake is really awesome. But one of the more difficult day hikes around here. It's a 2500 ft climb within about 2-2.5 miles, plus the extra couple of miles to the lake and up to the peak. I stayed a night up at vesper but its possible to make it a day trip. If you want to do a really cool mountain bike ride, Monte Cristo (that might be spelled wrong) is the way to go. Its only about 4-5 miles each way but its really fun and just a day thing. These are just day things, let me know if you want to do overnights or more. This area has some of the coolest hikes I've ever done and of course there are some really long ones too. Like I said, let me know, and I'll point you in the right direction.
    get on w.e instant messaging program you use!
    I don't know, I'll probably have sporadic access. Last time I was there my sister's husband thought their computer was posessed by evil spirits, so when he found out I was using it he took the power cord and hid it. I think they destroyed it, and my sister has her laptop set up now. I'll be coming back down on the 19th, then heading down to Dirt Time immediately, so let me know where you'll be at after the 28th.
    No need to get all excited! The walk up rate is $29! I had a church buy the ticket when I walked in off the street. U just gotta be good at what u do!
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