1. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Suggestions for stl to nola

    Does anyone have any experience with this route? Any good towns for busking or quick work? Campgrounds you recommend or sites worth seeing?
  2. dumpsternavel

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    Gonna be trying to attend the annual Folk Life Festival in Seattle,WA this year. It’s held at the end of May- and I’m gonna be round there bangin’ on a washboard, and hoping to jam with any and all. It’s also cohesive with apple picking season, (so I’ve heard) and may be a good opportunity for...
  3. Dontaskme

    Busking for Bitcoin

    I've searched high and wide on here and have found no evidence anyone actively does this. It seems like a logical step in a cashless society and with all the current hype, everybody and their mother has a Bitcoin wallet with $20 in it. I often find myself out of change soon after visiting a city...
  4. thattrombonekyd

    Music, Travel, and living out of a car

    Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and what I'm looking to do. I am Sawyer (thattrombonekyd - instagram) and I hail from Topeka, KS. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have realized that I don't want the normal 9-5 lifestyle anymore ,and all I want to do is make awesome music and travel...
  5. coreyorwhatever

    hello, new york

    well helloooo im arriving in new york tonight because ive finally decided to escape delaware and give being alive a shot and all that jazz. suggestions, where to go, where not to go, good places to busk, anything is welcome. love and kisses and stuff
  6. Sickboi

    Travelling with out without money

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but it seemed pretty right. Anyways, I'll be leaving the Detroit area for Nola in about a month, my money situation is up in the air, i might have some, i might have none, but i'm leaving regardless unless I plan to sleep outside in Detroit...
  7. jderek5

    Glad to be here.! Thank you.

    Glad to find the community. it's been awhile since I've been on the road, took a short detour that ended up being an extended stay. But it's all good, I needed to reconnect with friends & family after being on the road for 15 years. And so, I am looking at eliminating years of accumulation &...
  8. A

    The Cardboard Samurai Project

    I was curious if anyone ever busked or spanged in costume? Like those wacky superheroes on Hollywood boulevard? I'd love to hear your stories? I've decided that my insanity has progressed to the point of needing an alter ego. So I will create some cardboard samurai armor and see how it goes...
  9. Coywolf

    Video Best travel guitar I've found.

    Check this out: This is an Ibanez Piccolo guitar. It is a 1/3 scale guitar, tuned to A (capo 5th fret on a regular guitar) http://www.ibanez.com/products/ag_detail17.php?year=2017&area_id=2&cat_id=3&series_id=98&data_id=124&color=CL01 It sounds amazing, and is super light with steel...
  10. Levi Hunter

    Tips on Busking?

    So, I've busked before, mostly in places where its extremely legal (Asheville) or in my hometown, very rarely out. But I'm doing this hole DIY tour and can't be hindered by my at times anxiety fueled apprehensions. I'm currently in Jacksonville, FL and couldn't really find any internet low down...
  11. T

    Heading out on my summer voyage soon.

    I made this profile a year or so ago, and I never actually ended up going anywhere. Now, I'm finally doing it. I've got the opportunity, I'm getting my car fixed up, and its summer. I'm here in the introduction section in order to hopefully build friendships with other dwellers and people who...
  12. otch0z

    Ethics of busking/flying signs in poorer countries while traveling

    Hello everyone, First of all I'm not really sure if that question has been raised before, if so I couldn't find the right thread. So this is a very bad video from youtube, which is more or less the same as the one I saw, but which is on facebook and in french (so I can't really post it here)...
  13. VoraciousHeart

    How to Busk in Albany, NY

    Growing up around Albany was a great way to learn the city. As I got older and came into being a musician, I started busking on the streets. It was an amazing experience I wish all of you could have. Here's some tips if you find yourself a bit short of cash. In Albany, it's legal to busk...
  14. Dylan Christopher

    Iceland ahoy

    I've read a few threads on here about Iceland but I'm gonna start a new one so it's current and noticeable. Anyways, going to Iceland this summer and looking for any and all information. Places to squat, things to know, possible contacts, etc. Looking to do a workshare in return for a place to...
  15. krynitz

    NYC and sleeping rough

    I'm curious about various aspects of sleeping rough in NYC in winter. I'm not one for cold and roughing it in cities as big as NYC always puts me on edge, the two combined appears nightmarish. Has anyone here gone through it? Are there particular spots that are dry, warmer? Are there...
  16. theallnightdiner

    Skoolie livin, banjo pickin', piano choppin' traveler new here

    Hi guys, i travel around in a 40ft skoolie. Been livin the travelin', busking lifestyle for about 7 years. I love it. It can be rough, but I think it builds character. I want to thank many of you, for being you. I've been quite inspired to live my life by all the dirty, krusty, freight...
  17. Coywolf

    So, I bought a bouzouki....(Busking with less-than-normal instruments)

    Just bought this bad boy. Hoping to learn some songs and busk some traditional Irish music. People would get super stoked on my Martin Backpacker guitar, and drop me cash just because it looked cool. Im wondering what that effect will be with this thing. Anyone out there busking with...
  18. dabtime710

    West Coast Busking Tips

    I've begun my life as a traveler as of a little over a month ago with reggae music as my means of making money (guitarist/ song writer) My homie and I bought an rv, where I'll be most likely resided for the winter, where after I'll be hitting the road solo and on foot, as I foresee this being...
  19. SuneeShines

    Begining My Grand Vagabond Adventure

    Hey Everyone Name is SuneeShines. I have been reading STP for a few months because travel and adventure is just really interesting to me. I don't really have any qualms with working my dead end jobs (as long as I can start in the Afternoon). I don't have a wanderlust that can only be...
  20. Coywolf

    Video Another awesome busking video. Instrumental Dub Step?

    Some kids busking in who knows where. I'd give 'em a dollar.
  21. taylor black

    Flying a sign in Arizona? Busking?

    I'm about to go on the road will be passing through AZ. has anyone had success flying or busking there? I'm not trying to like blow up a spot so if you want to private message me don't hesitate
  22. NattyKiwi

    Busking with laptop and Keyboard ??

    So I was walking down Ali'i Drive the other day and seen a group of travelers playing guitar and singing for some cash. They weren't bad, but played alot of songs i could of guessed. I was wondering if i set my laptop and bluetooth speaker up and played live mixes on the corner. Some stuff...