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  • Hey I think I met u in the Kroger parking lot near little 5 pts in atl.. u were getting a prescription I think?
    I havent done pensacola to nola in awhile. there is bull now in pensacola thats pretty serious. just be careful if you go through there.
    Wanting to know if you did in fact make it from Pensacola to NOLA via le train? If so, how many yards did you hit? And what is your estimation on time it took you? Not that time matters to me. More so a curious question. Are you on the road now again? If so whereabouts are you located? I am looking to hit NOLA from here then out West.
    I see you went on the raillines from Baldwin to Pensacola, and you stated that you went from Pensacola to NOLA? Where is the best jump on site in Pensacola to NOLA? I am new to the travels and train hopping.
    well I guess if you actually live the life you all talk about on here then you aren't really stp material.
    Whats up man, saw you were fairly close to my current location..you know any where I can score some "Dirt" On Vinyl?
    Anxiety and sickness, depression and pain This battle with addiction thats driving me insane. And I think to my self what a shitty ass life
    Hey what's up. No more train section, huh? On one hand that's a shame but on the other hand it's probably for the best... Is there still train talk on some secret part of the site? haha Hope you're well
    Could i get the rail atlas password?
    Never heard of me cause I keep my head low, don't cause trouble on the site or off, check my history or whatevs. I'd like to get back into the hopping section as well for access to the infos. It would really help and I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
    Hey there. Trying to get a hold of the rail atlas with the password for it. I had all of it before but it got wiped. I believe Widerstand gave me the password before. Wouldn't be an issue but pm's got erased on the old server side, so I am just trying to get my tools back.
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