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zaye rodriguez
Last Activity:
Dec 6, 2017
Nov 19, 2017
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Current Location:
Berkeley, California
Disabled retired vet, student, mailroom attendent

zaye rodriguez

Hungry for Knowledge, Female,

Berkeley, CA, United States
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Keep your head up and lay low. Peace family. Nov 19, 2017

zaye rodriguez was last seen:
Dec 6, 2017
    1. zaye rodriguez
      zaye rodriguez
      Keep your head up and lay low. Peace family.
    2. zaye rodriguez
      zaye rodriguez
      We're trying to survive the bay area until we cam leave out of state to family, but gotta finish the semester. Need help until 12/1/2017.
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  • About

    Current Location:
    Berkeley, California
    Disabled retired vet, student, mailroom attendent
    Berkeley California
    Favorite place:
    New zeland
    Preferred method(s) of travel:
    Greyhound or Amtrak
    Are you traveling now?:
    Planning to
    Spoken Languages:
    English, some spanish
    Gender Identity:
    • Woman
    Preferred pronoun:
    She / Her
    Service puppy named ozzy
    Trying to Quit
    I good with overstanding legal issues presented. My major is criminal law. I was a RN in the military.
    Instruments played:
    I am a DJ who lost her way. I haven't done any shows in a long time , and have not one single piece of equipment. I was heavy inside of the new york underground house music / rave scene. I miss it. Music is my addiction. It is living abd breathing
    Favorite curse word:
    Fuck. Just the standard.
    Favorite websites:
    This one, facebook, youtube red, rotten.com, Sound sampling websites, craigslist,....
    Ahh! 2017...the year of transition. New schools, new living situations, separation and renuiting, loss, at the same time...gain. The only thing real in this dream right now are my son, daughter, and puppy ozzy,, our education, music, art, obtaining wholiatic health...mind/body/spirit. We will get to our destination, in more ways than one..literally and procerbially. I can't wait to aee what it's like when we get there. Its gonna be awesome.
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