1. saul

    What’s wrong with the world

    In a matter of years California has changed fentanyl destroyed San Francisco not even hitchhiking is the same what happened to all the travelers and anarchist no one speaks up anymore people die hungry because fentanyl was the cause of death, mass chem castration more radiation in our food and...
  2. WildVirtue

    Two anarchy related archives have reached their one year anniversary!

    Steal This Wiki and The Library of Unconventional Lives have turned 1 year of age. There's not much to report I don't think, just that I've enjoyed both archives existing as places I could digitize books that aren't explicitly anarchist, but that still have some value to me. So that I can...
  3. Wistfulpenguin

    Angry art

    Since leaving Wisconsin I've been becoming very disillusioned. I'm realizing how bad things were and how harmful the culture is in most places. I've been filled with nothing but anarchist anger and I don't know how to get rid of it. I know I can't change anything but I'm going to use this thread...
  4. SlutForSatan

    Video Call it Sleep - Situationist Documentary

    I found this Situationist documentary from the 80's that was a fun waste of 40 minutes, so here ya go.
  5. D

    Speaking of Anarchy...

    Gotcha! BTW... Since I havent offended anybody lately, Ill have another go at it. LOL J/K Anyways, so the other day we were talking, and Anarchy came up.... And someone mentioned Mexico... Here was their arguement... Mexico is practically anarchy already. Mexicos government is less...
  6. mono

    Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

    @mono submitted a new resource: Anarchy Works by Peter Genderloos - Examples of Anarchist Ideas in Practice Read more about this resource...
  7. M


    Recently came across an article about marijuana, in some cases large amounts, being grown in farmers cornfields. Gutsy. Got me to thinking about possibilities....where else could marijuana be grown? Could it be grown in a house with no one (parents) knowing?
  8. SammyDmn27


    Avant-gardeis defined as people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society Avant-garde pushes boundaries of the status quo, which is something that anarchism does (or goes beyond pushing the status quo). In one sense, anarchism is avant-garde...
  9. D

    Featured Anarchy newbie, recommended reads?

    Hello all, I've become interested in the anarchy movement from my time here on StP and would like to read up on it. Could someone recommend a low-bias book on the basics? I'm left wing, university level comprehnsion, and prefer Toronto Star and CBC if that helps. Thanks!
  10. VikingAdventurer

    Video Some updates on the Slab City Library

    Hey, everyone! Sorry about the "radio silence", I've had my hands pretty full lately. To make a long story short, I've been working closely with @Cornelius Vango at the Slab City Library. Last month, they placed me in charge of the place. It's been a LOT of work, but extremely rewarding so...
  11. Cracker

    Anarchy is actually far right

    I see the attack on free speech in the US coming from the left and true liberalism moving to the right. There's a weird shift going on in america. College campuses are brainwashing the youth and it's crazy because I see a lot of socialist claiming to be anarchist. The whole thing is crazy to...
  12. Spirit Freeman

    Veganism and what it can mean for you!

    So I have been going through threads on here that have touched the topic of Veganism and I have seen mostly negative and pessimistic views on traveling while Vegan. I want to clarify something. It is NOT hard to travel and be Vegan. If you want it then you can make it work. My wife and I have...
  13. Spirit Freeman

    Music intended to spread Awareness and Self Empowerment.

    I am Spirit and I am a Nomadic Anarchist with an undying thirst to awaken the minds of my fellow humans. Check out my YouTube channel! -Spirit Anarchy.Veganism.Unity.Freedom.
  14. Spirit Freeman

    Modern day Narcissus.

    "He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his...
  15. paiche

    On being a whore and giving up dick ~ a metaphor

    On being a whore and giving up my dick sucking addiction; a metaphor (and an attempt at getting your attention). How can we thwart the authority and the corporate influence and just create a better world? There are inevitable social changes ahead. If we just move ahead in denial and confusion...
  16. Cornelius Vango

    The Real Slab City - interviews with year round residents

    I just finished my Slabsterpiece today! Enjoy an inside look at life in the apocalypse!!
  17. Cornelius Vango

    How to deal with hostility in an anarchist society

    As many folks here know, I have been posted up in the squatter town of Slab City for almost three whole years, running and working on the library. I've been through a lot of fucked up situations. People trying to steal my stuff, trespassing in my home, multiple people threatening to hurt and/or...
  18. Cornelius Vango

    Video Library Projects and Fun! (my newest video)

    This is a video I took of the end of the season. A few STP staff and members are in this!
  19. Sofie

    Audio Anarchy

    This is a really great resource for classic, and newer anarchist audiobooks (Emma Goldman to Freddy Perlman). It's mostly free downloads, but you can also buy a cd of all of Goldman's essays. If you have a long road trip coming up, this site could be very helpful :) Here's the link...
  20. Matt Derrick

    2016 Jamboree anarchy and face tats for all!

    haha, i was thinking, wondering, hoping, that someone out there that's going to the jambo (or someone in the slabs) knows how to tattoo semi-decently? I have a stupid-easy cover up i want done on my wrist (three thick black lines) and if i could find someone to do it, I figure i could buy a...
  21. Rhubarb Dwyer

    Fuck! Don't let Riseup die!!!

    ::arrgh::!!! I'm guessing StP has a lot of Riseup users, all of which received the email I pasted below. This radical non-profit is in danger of shutting down within a month. They...
  22. Matt Derrick

    City of Anarchy

    chroniclesofamber: Cyber-Dys-Punk-Topia “There was a place near an airport, Kowloon, when Hong Kong wasn’t China, but there had been a mistake, a long time ago, and that place, very small, many people, it still belonged to China. So there was no law there. An outlaw place. And more and more...
  23. MolotovMocktail

    Anarchy is Boring

    An interesting article from a couple years ago about anarchists (both the smashy and non-smashy kinds) following several incidents of vandalism on May Day in Seattle: Anarchy Is Boring The May Day Smashup Was the...
  24. wizehop

    Government 1 Anarchy 0 (At least up here in Canada)

    One thing, Unemployment... If there is one argument in why working for the man is alright (at least here in Canada) its unemployment benefits. With the type of work I have been doing lately I put in a lot of hours and in 4 months I have made enough hours to qualify for EI. Now I get 9 months...
  25. HoboGrow

    News & Blogs Anarchy on youtube

    bunch of protest and riot clips good music good interveiws good show. New movie out as well. end civ or some shit. I dont know I like it.
  26. Teko

    Anarchy is

    Not an idea, but a emotion in all humanity. With saying that I need to explain that I feel today's revolutionary anarchist are caught up in staying within the boundaries they themselves have established. Whereas anarchy having rules is absurd, but at the same time, even natural chaos follows...
  27. P

    how anti-homeless laws support anarchy

    I think it's funny how people vote to pass anti-homeless laws when they don't even think about how the homeless people pay those fines. but we all know the process, most homeless people never bother to show up for court resulting in them having a warrant issued for their arrest. eventually they...
  28. P

    anarchy illegal in OK

    OSCN Found Document:Display of Red Flag or Emblem of Disloyalty Any person in this state, who shall carry or cause to be carried, or publicly display any red flag or other emblem or banner, indicating disloyalty to the Government of the United States or a belief in anarchy or other...
  29. connerR

    anarchy in america I saw this while perusing the intarwebs a few minutes ago. It's a series of webisodes depicting an economic apocalyptic America. Taken from the website: The site requires a password to get to...I'm not sure why, but "GotLiberty" should get you into it...
  30. B

    Anarchy in Riverside:show

    WORKSHOPS &: Blackbird ruam,acoustic destroyer(showcase corona legends:Pink Destroyer), and pass the jug(members of Second street Ragstompers)..more? <BR/> <BR/><A...
  31. st1tch

    (VERY General) What is your idea of anarchy?

    A lot of my friends are "anarchists"- including myself- but we can never agree on anything. Which is pretty funny, seeing as how a true anarchist state would need almost a consensus on everything. (There's a statement that could cause conversation already..) I'm going to apologize if my...
  32. hassysmacker

    NYC Anarchy Fest 4/10/09-4/12/09 (filmfest, bookfair, workshops etc) 2009 NYC Anarchist Film Festival The 3rd Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Brad Will, our comrade and colleague murdered by police, takes place Friday, April 10, 2009 on the Lower East Side. The Third Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival will showcase...
  33. Beer Mortal

    Your views on green anarchy?

    Id really like to know your take or ideas on green anarchy the idea of getting closer to the earth, not so much primitivism or anti civilization (those are a bit more extreme green anarchy views) its more about the environmental issues. Obviously im not fully about primitivism because im using a...