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    Im catching out of Florida im heading out of miami today. If i make it up that way we should link up.
    twinkie Oyate know who they are. they have heard the words "you are a thief" and "you Wanabe. "your game lasts a long time." twinkie is a tribe of sad people , who secretly wants to die for the blossom by the Republic of First Nations.
    why you deleting your account? we not good enough for you? lol!
    If ya must ya must I'm sure.
    Bye bone lady!
    yeah the way i wrote that last comment isnt how i really fell shit ben kinda fucked up i keep dreaming about him alot and i cant stop thinking about it iv ben traveling alot latly but im stuck in san antonio im trying to get back home to new mexico to see how every ones doing than take off to cali.

    besides the drama how has things ben going for you have yo ben traveling around at all
    i herd theres a gathering in florida i was going to go but i just got back from a gathering in ilanoi
    well hopes things i werking out for you
    safe travels
    im alright my little bother died a couple week ago we bolth got hit by a car but he didnt make it he was only 15 its sucks

    but yeah iv ben hopping alot of trains with my road dog lattly heading to NYC im in knoxville tennessee
    heyhey,just letting you no i deleted my myspace so if you ever wanna get ahold of me hit me up on here.

    p.s. talk to mae an see when we can all get togetha
    I was going to but my pops got real sick and my mom got laid off, So I gotta go home and take care of the fam and shit. but soon enough I shall!! Just gotta make it over to J-ville so I can go down. what are you up to this summer, didnt you graduate?
    no, i dontthink we've met. but i really like you're jewelry a lot. and thanks. i do a little bit of both. i prefer film but i dont have dark room access but am in the process of building one. but i document the progress of the baltimore free farm digitally.
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