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  • Where you at man? I'm liveing in Halifax for the winter! If you make it out here you've got a spot on a couch.
    Hey man if you're ever in montreal ( saw your thread, you were here in july ) I'd love to meet up and grab a beer. Message me next time your in the city. Always down to chill with new people.
    Weird. Just found Nelson on here, and now I've found you.
    I shouldn't be surprised I'd find you on here, eh? :p
    I posted my ideas in the thread now, actually. But if you want, you describe your idea of Anarchy first :p
    Care for a discussion on Anarcho-Communism? I don't see how you think it would turn Fascist, when there would be no government or ruling class. It's basically like a Tribal state, where everyone would work together due to the fact it's mutually beneficial, and the only way they can survive. :p Didn't want to read through your whole thread sorry.
    haha you know em eh? I was livin out west with alot of em too for a while
    but yeah man, ill add yeah on facebook
    bad ass man, i havnt seen him in ages. Im was friends with alot of the brutes and skins...i thinkin youd know who im talkin about. And was in Blue Collar Boys, we played with them a fair bit, before they all moved out west.

    I just fuckin spent a half hour taking pictures of each page of my Canadian Railway Atlas, got to page 20. Only to find out alot of the words are blurry as fuck. Anyways im gunna get it scanned and add it up to the canadian group for all the canadians.
    hopefully the next couple weeks.
    Im from Hamilton, not too far from you, but just far enough haha
    Stratford is a kick ass city, always action packed
    still lots of meth-heads? haha funny bastards
    I have some friends from stratford
    is fish still kickin around stratty??
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