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I deleted myself
hep c squat is pretty much a sad represtention of a time long past. I've been in there once.. Sturg asked some kids in tompkins park if anyone wanted to help clean up for a show and I volunteered so I could get in the show for free. I helped clean up.. never went back because the place was just too sketchy and really didn't like the thought of being there all night. this was back in about 2004.

The only cool place I used to know in NYC was the batcave squat in brooklyn. but I'm pretty sure it's been torn down.

HOWEVER - serenity squat had some cool, nice, upstanding people. when I was invited to visit it was kinda like visiting your crazy aunt. and it looked like they were really trying to make the place as livable as they could.


Feb 13, 2009
yeah, i dont see what would be interesting about walking past an old blown up sold out squat.

punx creds for crack rock steady?


Jul 17, 2009
God damm, lol c squat this c squat that, lol mat said it best dust tweekers lol, dont get me wrong i love disasociatives, but dam if i had to hear sturges voice for more than 20 mins, id go on a tri squat killing spree.

lol c squat lol, ive had cooler squats with cooler kids in merengo (chi town burb) (pop 200) lol


Jul 21, 2009
I used to live in the batcave. Was your friend who lived there and was stabbed named Jason? Did he have a Mohawk? I lived there in late 2005-2006, the end ti
e... I was one of the forementioned junkies. Heh. I'll tell some stories when I have more time. It's riight though at the end it was just junkies and runaways and a few brave as he'll train hoppers. As for c squat the place is a joke. Been in there twice almost got my ass kicked both times.


Aug 15, 2011
Never had more fun than NYC and Tompkins. It's like grand central for kids from all over the place. Def 'bad habit' area and c-squat is like a high school popularity thing. Kinda sucks that that shit goes on, but, you know... it's life. Big up to Nico and SFH.

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Just found out my neighbor died. One day I'm helping him change his starter, the next he's gone. Just walked around inside his house. That would be the first time I have smelled death. The eeriest though was that the UPS guy still left him a package. PS He was a big John Wayne fan!! RIP Rick!
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whatz your avatar from?? looks sick
Twin cities folks, anybody looking to go out, maintain a respectable distance, and explore something this Friday night?
Committed phone memory to two of these guys albums just last night, after not listening to them for years. Found out today that one of em died just two days prior.
They fathered ebm in 1981 -the same genre of industrial that NIN brought to the mainstream over 10 years later.

Dude thinks he's gonna "make a deal" with the virus.

It's like a virtual pact with *Satan*.👹 Maybe if he sacrifices all the helpless ones to the thing, the devil will just let him be? Let him keep his status, his presidency, his supporters?
Does anyone living away from a metropolitan area even know what a skunk smells like?
Welp after a alomst a decade of various travels I finally got settled for good in Cincy....two months later this shit happens an myself an all my friends r unemployed...I got April bills payed but if my work doesn't reopen by may...I'll cya kids on the road again.. apocalypticmaybe who knows, be safe my traveling family. Cya soon potentially

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