1. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 4)

    "What do you mean you can't take me to Vegas?" "Apparently some other guy got that load, and dispatch is trying to send me to Montana. I'm sorry." I rubbed my eyes and tried to think quickly enough that I wouldn't go into panic mode. I had just woken up to the news that a promised ride after a...
  2. Matt Derrick

    #05 - Andrew and the Slab City Library

    Link: This week we talk with Andrew, who is helping run the Slab City library this past summer while Cornelius is in Alaska. We discuss what it's like to live in Slab City during the summer, how to prepare if you decide to come out, what's involved...
  3. Faunus

    Urban Herbalist and Sundry Other Projects: A Reminder

    I'm kinda putting together a note to self regarding what I'd like to accomplish wherever I am, wherever I end up; a lending library full of reading nooks and porch swings, with a food forest instead of a lawn (GardensNotLawns), with a bunk for whoever wants to help (HomesNotJails), a long table...
  4. Cornelius Vango

    Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyesVideo 

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  5. Cornelius Vango

    Slab City Library 2018 updatePhotos 

    This past winter season at SCL has been INTENSE. Mostly in a great way. We've had ups, some downs and were thrown a few loops. Overall, I feel like we've grown quite a lot. This is the first summer since I've re-established the place that it's been able to continue running without me for an...
  6. Cornelius Vango


    Hey folks, sorry it took me a few weeks of procrasturbation to finally get this thing put together and uploaded, but it's cool now because it's here! I certainly didn't get everything, but I got plenty of great footage of great people doing awesome things together out in the real life...
  7. Library Bar 2017 Jamboree

    Library Bar 2017 Jamboree

    Dirty Scouts Jamboree 2017, Andy and Craig at the Library Bar.
  8. Cornelius Vango

    Interview with STP's founder, Matt Derrick!Video 

    Here's an interview with Matt Derrick that I took almost two months ago, with some footage of the gathering. Enjoy!
  9. Matt Derrick

    Slab City Library Time Lapse VideoVideo 

    So I set out one day to try and do a time lapse video of the Slab City library, but unfortunately I set the angle far too wide, so it wasn't quite what I was going for. Rather than delete it though, I figured I'd go ahead and share it here for anyone that's interested.
  10. Matt Derrick

    After a dust storm at the Slab City libraryVideo 

    Here's a short video showing what the kitchen looks like after a major sandstorm came through, caking almost everything in a fine layer of dirt.
  11. Matt Derrick

    Slab City Living: Town run for suppliesVideo 

    Hey folks, I'm playing around with a few ideas for doing a video travel blog, so here's something I filmed and edited using nothing but my cell phone. I just covered my day running to town to get supplies for the Slab City library, so take a look and let me know what you think.
  12. Cornelius Vango

    Squatters Needed to Maintain Library

    Well, some fortuitous events have led me to wanting to go and buy myself a farm. I've been running an off-grid library in the famous squatter town of Slab City, and I don't want to just abandon it. The Library has been the home of the last two STP gatherings and may possibly host more in the...
  13. Archon Haz

    For Everyone that was at the Jambo

    Hey guys, if anyone is wandering, I was that crazy Israeli kid Vizion. Anyone is welcome to message me to chat or try to meet up at some point. Another thing is that I would like to get any and all Pics and Vids of me, preferably unedited. Anyone is welcome to use Pics and Vids of me, but if...
  14. Cornelius Vango

    Slab City Library Fundraiser

    This is a link to my fundraiser for a new solar power set-up for the Library. Check it out!
  15. Leocalifornya

    Public Libraries

    Not really sure where this should go. So maybe one of the wonderful MODs can set it right, or leave it here? Anyway, I just wanted to start a discussion on public libraries. So far I have been to about 25. They all have their ups and downs. Some are big, some are small. Some suck ass, whereas...