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  1. Hippie95

    Wanting to catch out of Marietta Oklahoma heading to Wisconsin

    I'm thinking about catching out of Marietta Oklahoma heading to Wisconsin any thoughts
  2. Hippie95

    Hitcing from Marietta Oklahoma to Wisconsin

    I'm wanting to hitch out of Marietta Oklahoma heading to Wisconsin
  3. compostyuppie

    Hello from Central Wisconsin !

    I found this site through the r/vagabond subreddit. I'm quite grateful, honestly, because I'm a little convinced not much train hopping, hitchhiking, misc. vagabond behavior happens around these parts. I have never hopped a train and I have never hitch hiked in my life, but I'm only 18. That can...
  4. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Video 2019 Trainfest Wisconsin State Fair Park

    Okay, I hoped the videos weren't making any of you dizzy the way I was working the camera! It's crappy in my opinion, I'm not a pro! I met two interesting people at Trainfest. I spotted a young lady with a full ALICE backpack and her boyfriend with a duffle bag on his back. I started a...
  5. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Event Trainfest November 9th & 10th, 2019 Wisconsin State Fair

    Hi All! I was hoping to make it to Jambo in NOLA but doesn't look like my company is going to honor me for time off to go. (Other employees whining and crying they need off). If you're in the upper Midwest area or can't make it to Jambo, come on over to Wisconsin State Fair park on November 9th...
  6. D

    Featured Wisconsin to Montana Freight Hop, Hi-Line Subdivision

    I never forgot my childhood in Louisiana, growing up hopping freight trains a handful of times, and have always wanted to do it again. I recently reached out to @Gulysses3 , expressing an interest in tagging along on a trip. At times, the nature of my work involves reaching out to strangers...
  7. Valdice

    Nomad of Ohio

    Where to begin? I'm an immature, but kind person. I have difficulty owning up to my mistakes, and I don't deal with stress as well as others. I've never been able to hold a job for more than 3 months, and my anxiety attacks make me feel like I just got done running 3 miles. I'm hoping that I...
  8. Dagonshucks

    Indiana, Illinois to Wisconsin

    So I was going to Salem to get my mom a birthday present. Everyone I talk to is like, "Oh, Salem? Oh, you're going the wrong way." It's like this my whole trip. So I catch a ride with a trucker and he takes me from Knoxville to Indianapolis, and I don't know anything about Indianapolis, so I...
  9. stonedagain

    just a zen punk looking to meet new and interesting people

    hey everyone, I'm Zach (short for Zachariah). I'm just gonna copy some of this from my profile that I just wrote.. so I've lived in this tiny rural town in Wisconsin (population of about 400) all my life and am planning to finally leave in the spring or summer. I visited and stayed with my pen...
  10. Hoboculturalist

    FB group for freegans/dumpster-divers in Wisconsin

  11. Hoboculturalist

    Dumpster-divers or freegans in Wisconsin?

    Looking for comrades in the area. I know some good spots, if you want to partner up.
  12. bystander

    Photos another Wisconsin flick.. picture heavy

    Yo, So I don't post online much, and by that I mean only on this site (which is infrequent at best) BUT its Saturday, cold and winter out, and my old iphone is running dangerously low on space; which is why I decided to roam through my collection of pictures I have transferred and share some...
  13. moondog

    Howdy Howdy

    Hey all from the Great Lakes. My name is Jack, been dipping on and off of the road for a couple years now. Done a good bit of hitching, and rode a few freights last summer on the way from Asheville to San Fran with some dirt friends. I mostly come from a primitive-skills/wilderness survival...
  14. bystander

    Wisconsin, an Ur.. Exploration Part 2

    Good evening everyone- today a siege is underway here in Wisconsin; so I am forced to be bored stuck inside on my paid day off typin' up some shit fer you all to hopefully enjoy. Again, this is a kinda enjoy my "random ass pictures I've tossed together" thread from different parts of Ms...
  15. bystander

    Photos Wisconsin, an Urban Exploration

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure ya'll are about sick of my random fuckin' post but guess what? Its the internet so I don't care. :) Here I have some more random pictures I will piece together fer yer viewing pleasure (or displeasure) that I have taken around the good ole state of Wisconsin. Such...
  16. K

    Wisconsin Organic Veggie Farm

    Shit pay, but the ad says they will feed you and give you a place to stay which is pretty nice. I've met the girl in the photo, and she seems pretty nice. Here's your chance to get to work. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/lbg/5183379348.html Organic Vegetable Farm Hireing (Clayton, WI)...
  17. whimsicaliber

    Greetings to the world from wacky Wisconsin!

    Hey there StP, you're looking good! Been lurking some but the epic vanjourney cometh, and shit's getting REAL, so it felt like time to bite the bullet and join. Will be purchasing and moving into a van by the end of the month, then after the partner's full-time farm hours dry up will be...
  18. fawn

    wisconsin: mke to eau claire

    anyone have any idea on the frequency of trains leaving butler yard, going to or through/stopping in eau claire? trying to get there by saturday morning for the last day of the blue ox bluegrass festival. I'd rather ride the train, but I have only a hunch that there's trains to eau claire...
  19. K

    Wisconsin CL Vegetable Gardener Opportunity

    This was posted just today. I don't know anything about the landowner, but if he's honest in what he's saying it looks like there is potential for land ownership. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/lab/4867814091.html Vegetable Gardener (Wisconsin) compensation: Housing and hourly wage...