What happens when people find out you're trans? (1 Viewer)


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Being a traveling trans person NEVER needs to stop being a sound conversation in the traveling community. ::nurse::

As a non-binary person, i have to do the "I'm not a man or a woman" talk with most people, but in short encounters I correct people on being the opposite of what they've identified me as.

I can't say I've experienced anything too tragic, and I'm sure I'm lucky. I've only been threatened by homebums (and that only happened once, in Philly), but not other travelers.

Anyone have any experiences or advice they want to share?
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Dec 9, 2016
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Not any personal experiences as i am straight.. but i have witnessed a lot of ignorance over the years directed at LGBT people. I would just say basically keep your eyes open and watch your back..and dont listen to ignorant fuckwads..they are insecure with themselves and have to find some one to knock down to make themselves feel better..


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Jul 28, 2011
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From my perspective - and I'm straight - but I work in a community college that strives to be diverse - diverse with countries (I'm in Global Education and have students from 38 countries including many refugees) as well as religions --- and trans/bi/gay etc -- We have many clubs and organizations developed and quite a wide respect overall. I have several trans friends on campus as well as off campus and it is good. heh - my one friend - who is on stp too (can never remember his name on here) just had knuckle tats of "Self Made" done and is happy with himself - but he did have an issue with some girls talking way to loudly about homophobia issues when in a classroom. sigh.


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Sep 9, 2017
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Trans boy here. It totally depends. I don't out myself in general, but rather only to trusted folx. Pre medical transition, I was in a very androgynous, are-you-a-boy-or-a-girl place for, oh, decades. I was almost always read just a touch more on the male side so that actually made life a bit easier / safer but there were definitely times of extreme badness. Ugh. Anyway, stay safe

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I haven't been able to get HRT, so honestly I fake whatever I have to until I'm around trusted people.

Hope someday to find cool trans and queer groups of travelers to go with.

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