1. Pack Back

    Pack Back

    Headin back out again today!
  2. Matt Derrick

    New items in the Etsy Store (bandanas are back!)

    Hey folks, just a general announcement to let you know that not only are the very popular StP Bandanas back, but we now have new patches ($3), pins ($2), and stickers ($4 for 10) all available! This includes the new patch/pin/sticker design mentioned here! Check out the Etsy store here...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Completed Would you be interested in StP patches or pins/buttons?

    Hey folks, I'm posting this to gauge interest and see if the community would be interested in buying StP patches or pins/buttons? The patches would probably be $3 (4x4 inches) and pins/buttons would be around $2. I'd probably use the same design as the stickers we have, but I'm thinking about...
  4. Voodoo

    Patches, made from scratch or bought/found

    Hey guys just a quick question are patches earned?

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Monthly Goals

  1. Paying the Bills
    $50.00 of $50.00 - reached!
    The first $50 in donations go towards paying our monthly server fees and adding new features to the website. Once this goal is reached, we'll see about feeding Matt that burrito.
  2. Buy Matt a Beer
    $75.00 of $75.00 - reached!
    Now that we have the bills paid for this month, let's give Matt a hearty thank you by buying him a drink for all the hard work he's done for StP. Hopefully his will help keep him from going insane after a long day of squishing website bugs.
  3. Feed Matt a Burrito
    $100.00 of $100.00 - reached!
    Now that the bills are paid and Matt has a beer in his hand, how about showing him your love by rewarding all his hard work with a big fat burrito to put in his mouth. This will keep him alive while programming new features for the website.
  4. Finance the Shopping Cart
    $100.00 of $200.00
    Now that the bills are paid and Matt is fed, perhaps it's time to start planning for those twilight years under the bridge... if only he had that golden shopping cart all the oogles are bragging about these days.

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